Outline launches the new VEGAS Series of innovative, high performance installation & sound reinforcement loudspeakers. VEGAS Series from Outline includes, a super-compact, wide dispersion under balcony loudspeaker and three compatible, custom coaxial loaded loudspeakers. The innovative VEGAS 24, 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX models feature high quality Italian made components and are designed, sourced and manufactured to the same stringent quality standards applied to all Outline’s high-end touring audio products.

All the models in the VEGAS Series diplay similar characteristics such as high Common Intelligibility Scale (CIS) ratings, extraordinary audio fidelity, attractive price points and excellent power-to-size ratios.

The ultra compact VEGAS 24 is a high power, wide-dispersion, externally powered loudspeaker, specifically designed for under balcony fill, front fill and delay applications. A waveguide loaded design (including the MF transducers) ensure the VEGAS 24 delivers smooth even coverage throughout it’s operating range.

Versatility, attractive pricing and first-class power handling make the VEGAS 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX full-range, extremely appealing. With an asymmetric cabinet design any VEGAS CX model can be used as a floor monitor or stage front fill if required. Outline’s premium custom coaxial driver delivers excellent sonic performance, increased timbre quality and high power handling characteristics to all the VEGAS CX models.