MIPRO launched the first true digital wireless UHF radio microphone system back in 2006 – ACT 8.

The latest addition to the ACT 8 range is the ACT-848 Dante. This 1U device features…

  • 4 true diversity receivers
  • 256 bit encryption
  • 64MHz tuning range
  • Dante digital networking
  • AES/EBU output
  • Analogue mic/line output
  • Headphone monitoring output
  • Bright front channel VFD interface
  • Software remote control

The addition of a Dante interface allows digital audio to be sent direct from the radio microphone system to a mixing console, DSP, conference system or recording device over a standard Ethernet network without additional harmful D-A and A-D conversions.

The new receiver is compatible with the existing range or ACT 8 transmitters.