AUDAC NOBA8A Active Subwoofer
AUDAC NOBA8A Subwoofer

Beautiful Design

Constructed from 4mm thick aircraft grade aluminium, the NOBA8A has a unique and distinctive low profile curved design.

The innovations are, however, more than skin deep.

Advanced Electronics

The on-board electronics incorporate not only a 200W amplifier to power the 8″ woofer but also an additional two channels of 150W that can be used to power mid-high satellite speakers. AUDAC’s WaveDynamics™ technology allows loudspeaker equalization, crossover and limiting settings to be uploaded to NOBA8A via USB storage.

Multiple Mounting Options

NOBA8A can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted meaning the slim cabinet can be located in a position that is visually unobtrusive in nearly any venue.

System Solutions

When combined with loudspeakers from the ATEO, CELO, MERO or KYDO families, NOBA8A becomes the heart of a complete audio system for restaurants, retail stores, meeting rooms or any space that requires high quality music reproduction.

Simple Control

The optional RF remote allows the volume to be controlled simply even when there is not line-of-sight to the product.

For more advanced scenarios, NOBA8A can be combined with the AMP20MK2 which means the system can be controlled using AUDAC’s elegant wall panels or the innovative AUDAC Touch app for iOS or Android.

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