Attero Tech AES67 Wall Plate
Attero Tech AIO2x2+ AES67 Interface
Attero Tech Packaging

Attero Tech are now shipping the industry’s first wallplate and compact AES67 networked audio interfaces.

These POE powered devices allow cost effective connection of analogue audio devices and Bluetooth sources to an AES67 audio network, including Ravenna, wherever they are needed.

Particular attention had been paid to integration with QSC’s Q-SYS Cores with audio from Attero Tech AES67 enabled devices entering Q-SYS natively without the need for a dedicated network interface card.

Q-SYS plug-ins have been developed by Attero Tech to provide comprehensive audio and control integration with QSC’s Q-SYS Platform. By using these new Q-SYS plug-ins, integrators and end users will have the ability to remotely control and monitor the Attero Tech devices from within the Q-SYS system allowing for tight integration with remote source and output devices.

From Q-SYS, users can quickly set up audio routing and other Attero Tech functionality such as gain control, phantom power, etc. using the new plug-ins. In addition, users can easily expose those parameters for real-time control over the audio I/O devices on QSC’s own touch screen controllers and other user control interface software applications, eliminating the need for additional modules and hours of costly programming.

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