DEXIBELL rose from the ashes of Roland Europe in 2014 and is an agile & dynamic company packed full of talented staff with over 25 years of experience in the piano and keyboard world. Unlike large corporations, DEXIBELL has an agile and dynamic structure, which allows it to design and manufacture outstanding products with innovative technology and respond quickly to market demands.

To ensure that the highest quality is achieved, and critically maintained, DEXIBELL products are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy using an experienced long-serving workforce where each individual understands the importance of quality control excellence.

DEXIBELL – Hand made in Italy and carrying a 5 year warranty.

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Stage Pianos

Built for the stage or studio, the ‘S’ range comprises the SX7 (sound module), S1 (68 key), S3 (73 key), S7 (88 key with ivory feel) and the new flagship S9 (88 key hybrid wood action). With performance controls, light weight yet robust construction and an array of sounds designed to shine on any stage the ‘S’ series are a powerful and versatile collection. The S1 is unique in the fact it offers a huge professional sound yet is exceptionally small and can be powered by AA batteries. The flagship S9 adds many sought after features such as aftertouch, 9 motorised drawbar faders and balanced XLR outputs.

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Portable Pianos

Sharing the same robust construction as the ‘S’ series, the ‘P’ series swap the performance controls for high powered speaker system making them perfect for home, student or live use. Two models are in this range, the P3 (73 key) and P7 (88 key).

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Digital Organs

Two very different models, the ‘J7’ combo organ features two engines, the ‘VIVO’ piano engine and an all new modelled Tonewheel emulation. Combine this with the 9 motorised drawbars and dedicated organ effects section with rotary, percussion and effects switches and you have a very powerful combo instrument capable of rocking the stage. The ‘L3’ Classico caters for the classical organ market with realistic stops, modelled classical organ tone and other orchestral instruments from the VIVO range, including the piano. The L3 has powerful built in speakers and a USB gooseneck lamp for sheet music reading in low light. Perfect for houses of worship or when an epic & realistic pipe organ is called for.

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Home Pianos

All the power of the DEXIBELL quad core processor wrapped up in Italian design flare means that the ‘H’ series of pianos are perfect for contemporary homes or for anyone that values sound quality AND design aesthetics. The range topping ‘H7’ comes in a full cabinet with 6 speaker system including 2 subwoofers for the ultimate sound reproduction.

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