ANT In To Music

ANT creates audio systems combining an impressive sound performance with elegant and simple interfaces that let users fully enjoy their musical experience.

Their loudspeaker systems, mixing consoles, wireless microphones and in-ear monitors give performers the audio tools to make the most of their talent without breaking the bank.

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Column Systems

B-TWIG column PA system is all you need to provide a rich, powerful sound in any kind of application. An ideal solution for DJ sets, live acoustic sets and live singing to a backing track. B-TWIG system is comprised of a top HF element and a powered subwoofer. You can set up the whole PA system in seconds, and no sound engineer is required to connect microphones, instruments or other devices. Simply the answer to all those solo-tour performers. Load the system in your car, and take your music wherever you want.

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ANT Column Speaker Systems

Active Speakers

ANT produce three ranges of powered loudspeakers. Greenhead is a range of full range loudspeakers and subwoofers housed in high end wooden cabinets. Greenhead is ideal for performing musicians who play loud. The full range loudspeakers are designed in such a way as to allow them to be used as floor wedges.

The three speakers in the Redfire range are made from lightweight and durable polypropylene for ultimate protability. With a built-in microphone input with separate level control, Redfire is ideal for solo performers, fitness professionals and entertainers.

MBS is the most versatile loudspeaker from ANT, featuring 3 input channels (Mic/line, Line and Bluetooth) with separate volume control knobs. Once the speaker is in action, you can set the most suitable EQ choosing among 4 presets (playback, live sound, sub simulator, stage monitor) while optimizing the audio performance.

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ANT Powered Speakers

Portable PA

iROLLER encompasses everything you need get the most of a street performance. On the road, on the tube, in a park, in the wild nature and wherever your passion takes you. This battery-powered speaker allows performers to instantly connect microphone, instrument, or simply play background music thanks to the integrated mp3 reader or via Bluetooth®. Also, the PA can be fully controlled from a distance thanks to its remote control. Street artists, buskers, urban dancers: iROLLER is just your perfect sidekick.

iROLLER 10 is equipped with an integrated 3-channel mixer with microphone, Line, RCA and mini-jack inputs. Plus, the system features an on-board MP3 reader, USB port and SD Slot. It can receive audio via Bluetooth® virtually from any portable device too. The whole PA system can be managed at a distance thanks to the remote control.

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ANT Portable Battery Powered PA

Radio Systems

START 16 UHF wireless radio microphones operate on the license free 863 - 865 MHz (Channel 70) band. PLL diversity ensures stable transmission between your microphone and receiver whilst IR synchronisation makes it simple to tune your transmitter and receiver to the same frequency. Using standard alkaline AA cells gives over 10 hours of operation in most situations.

MiM in-ear monitor systems allow you to experience uniform and accurate audio across the whole stage space, avoiding feedback issues due to stage monitors. MiM20 allows you to adapt the monitoring to your needs and enjoying the live sound of other musicians with maximum comfort.  Each set comes complete with a transmitter, beltpack receiver and headset. Additional beltpacks are available separately for when multiple musicians need to hear the same mix.

Radio Mics IEM Systems

ANT Radio Mics and In-ear Monitors


ANTMIX is a range of desktop audio mixing consoles ranging from 6 input up to 24 input. All models feature on-board digital effects engine allowing you to add reverb or other effects without the need for any additional outboard gear. The larger ANTMIX 16FX and ANTMIX 24FX come fitted with a USB interface to facilitate playback from or recording to a computer. These models can also be fitted with an optional Bluetooth interface to allow playback from Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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ANT Live Sound Mixer