Whether you are a corporate headquarter looking for an easy to use entry-level conference system, a rental company looking for an easy to set up wireless system or an international institute looking for the best-of-breed conference systems for multi-room installations, Televic has the right solution for you.

Its range of products for conference applications is based on a unique family concept. Flush mount, table top and wireless systems can easily be combined in one single installation to provide the best possible solution, tuned to your specific needs and future-proof thanks to the backward compatibility with existing installations.

The family concept also ensures that technologies developed for the high-end, used by many international institutions world-wide, find their way in all products throughout the range. Yes, even the entry-level products benefit from the experience of Televic in the most demanding applications.

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The Plixus Network

Conference venues are mission-critical environments requiring equipment that offers performance, security and reliability. For that reason - Televic Conference developed a new dedicated network technology for both audio and video: Plixus®.

The philosophy of Plixus is to maximise the use of available bandwidth so that there is no need to compromise on quality of video and audio. 64 Channels of audio are passed uncompressed over the network at 48ksps and 1080p/60 HD Video travels with an extremely low latency of less than a frame!

The Plixus network has strict separation between the conference data and IP traffic through IP tunnelling means that viruses and rogue IP connections have absolutely no access to the mission-critical part of the system. The packet based nature of Plixus also allows the conference network to be aware of its topology at any given moment in time. During normal operation data will travel the shortest route from the Plixus Engine to the delegate unit and vice versa. In case of a failure along that route (i.e. a unit failing or a cable breaking) Plixus will self-correct and calculate a new shortest route so that data packets still reach their intended destination. For this self-healing mechanism to work, redundant paths must be provided through loop cabling. And why not take it a step further and also set up Plixus Network Extenders in a redundant self healing configuration?

UniCOS - Multi Media Conferencing

The UniCOS conference unit is equipped with a capacitive 7” touch screen adds interactivity to the conference system and offers a tablet-like feel for the user. Single tap, double tap, flick, scroll and pinch to zoom are control gestures that most of us have grown to be accustomed with. Hence working with the system feels natural and should not require training. The interface is intuitive and it gives access to a range of functionalities such as: video selection, delegate information, agenda, voting, messaging and more.

The UniCOS system allows low latency, HD resolution video to be transported over the Plixus network. The delegates can watch a close-up of the speaker or see other video material with pristine picture quality. The transport delay added by the Plixus network system is less than one frame so lip-sync can be preserved when looking at a live image from the conference room.

The UniCOS system offers the delegate a multitude of possibilities, enriching the meeting experience and making the meeting more efficient. As delegates can see video from live cameras or pre-recorded sources, check speaker bio, consult the meeting agenda, vote using the touch screen, send messages to other delegates, browse through documents that are supporting the discussion, and much more.

Confidea-F - Flush Mount Conference Units

Confidea F is a new range of Plixus® Powered conference panels designed specifically for easy and flush integration into the furniture of council chambers, boardrooms, meeting rooms, parliamentary debating rooms, and auditoria.

The full range of 11 different models allow to create a solution tailored to the needs of any application, with models for basic discussion, for applications that include electronic voting and for high-end applications that include simultaneous interpretation.

Confidea F improves intelligibility during meetings and debates, allows for electronic voting or creates an environment where people of multiple nationalities are able to participate in a discussion in their own language.

With Confidea-F you can create the ideal meeting environment with the conference equipment integrated flush in the furniture.

Confidea -T - Desktop Conference Units

Confidea T is a new range of Plixus® Powered tabletop conference microphone units that provides a perfect solution for both mobile and permanent applications. With entry level models for basic discussion and more advanced models that include voting and/or simultaneous interpretation, Confidea T provides a solution for any application: from small council meetings to large international conferences.

The Confidea Series is renowned for its superb audio quality, the natural sound produced by these conference stations drastically improves intelligibility and reduces fatigue during longer meetings.

Installing the system is extremely easy, for mobile installations that require regular setup and tear down, the auto sensing connections of the units allow daisy chaining without any concerns for the less technically skilled. This new generation builds on the success of its predecessor and includes an RFID reader for identification and authentication. With RFID, the system knows exactly who is seated where, expanding the possibilities in applications with electronic voting or free seating. While taking full advantage of the Plixus network - an innovative, future-proof technology developed by Televic offering high performance, security and reliability in mission-critical conference applications.