Whether you are a corporate headquarter looking for an easy to use entry-level conference system, a rental company looking for an easy to set up wireless system or an international institute looking for the best-of-breed conference systems for multi-room installations, Televic has the right solution for you.

Its range of products for conference applications is based on a unique family concept. Flush mount, table top and wireless systems can easily be combined in one single installation to provide the best possible solution, tuned to your specific needs and future-proof thanks to the backward compatibility with existing installations.

The family concept also ensures that technologies developed for the high-end, used by many international institutions world-wide, find their way in all products throughout the range. Yes, even the entry-level products benefit from the experience of Televic in the most demanding applications.

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D - Cerno

For small to medium-sized meetings, D-Cerno is the first product on the market based on digital conference technology. The technology inside D-Cerno is based on the same principles as the technology incorporated in Televic’s flagship products.

Televic offers the best shielding of microphones in the market today, making its products immune to interference from mobile phones. The Televic shielding technology has been incorporated also in the D-Cerno product. The central unit has no fan, so it is absolutely silent and can be placed in the room and near the chairman or delegates without any concern for fan noise.

D-Cerno can be cabled both in branch (daisy-chain) or in loop. When cabled in loop, a patented redundancy mechanism guarantees that the system continues to work, should a cable break or be disconnected for any reason.

The D-Cerno system is designed to work out-of-the box, with hardly any technical expertise required:

  • Wiring is easy: from unit to unit, in daisy chain, without having to worry about in or out: each bus connection will auto-sense whether it is to work as an in- or an output. So cabling errors are virtually impossible.
  • No initialisation procedure required. After wiring the system, it is ready for operation.

D-Cerno makes use of the most recent touch sensor button technology offering the following benefits:

  • Hygienic and easy to clean: there are no gaps around the buttons where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.
  • No moving parts: no wear of the button, offering equal performance over the entire life of the product.
  • No clicking sound when activating or deactivating the microphone.

The D-Cerno CUR central unit has a built-in protocol to allow for camera control. D-Cerno is therefore ideal for use with video conference systems.