Televic Confidea G4 FLEX Delegate Unit
Wireless conference icrophones with touchscreen
wireless touchscreen delegate unit with voting
meeting with wireless discussion microphones by Televic

Televic Confidea FLEX G4 Wireless

+ Do you need flexible meeting possibilities in different rooms of your facilities?
+ Do you manage multi-purpose spaces with varying room layouts according to the occasion?
+ Are COVID-19 regulations forcing you to change your set-ups and add remote functionalities?
+ Do you rent meeting equipment on an as-needed basis?

These are all very real scenarios that have one thing in common: they all make you wish you had a meeting system that is quick and easy to deploy. Well, your wish is about to come true: discover how Televic’s new Confidea FLEX G4 wireless solution has you covered.
Confidea FLEX G4 wireless is a solution that offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility in the number of participants, conferencing options over different rooms and meeting configurations that are 100% cable- and worry-free.

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Confidea WAP G4 - Wireless Central Unit

With over 10 years of experience in providing wireless conference solutions, Televic Conference is confident to call its fourth-generation solutions the “best-in-class wireless conference system”. Based on standard WiFi5 technology, the system uses a combination of advanced techniques to improve the quality
and reliability of the signal reception. This results in a stability that is unique in the wireless conferencing market.

The solution functions flawlessly in any meeting environment and co-exists in perfect harmony with other wireless systems. With a built-in clean channel manager and DFS scanning support, Confidea FLEX G4 wireless system is able to identify the clearest channel at any given time. Predictive algorithms and channel switching mechanisms prevent interference and repair distorted signals to ensure continuous audio quality.

The intelligent antenna design that uses spatial diversity and MIMO techniques offers a guaranteed RF coverage and signal reception ensuring reliable and uninterrupted communication even in RF challenging spaces.

The access point comes included with the powerful zero install Confero software. Confero’s quick setup wizard enables a smooth configuration of the system in just a few easy steps, making installation very easy. While the built-in clean channel manager scans and locks onto the ideal channel for operation in your environment, the software offers monitoring and channel selection capabilities to give full control to your IT team.

To ensure confidentiality, the Confidea FLEX G4 wireless system keeps the contents of the conversation within the meeting room walls by using WPA2 Enterprise encryption.

Televic Confidea FLEX G4 Wireless Access Point for Conference Microphones

Confidea FLEX G4 Delegate Unit

The Confidea FLEX G4 touch screen gives you additional controls and information. It allows you to see what’s relevant on-screen depending on the context:
agenda, voting, and more. Confidea FLEX G4 doesn’t just look different. It feels different, too. For special interactions such as voting, the display uses haptic feedback. The screen recreates the physical touch experience by gently vibrating. Select a voting option, and the display will respond to give you an extra layer of confidence in casting a vote. Visually impaired users enjoy braille indicators and 5 guides underneath the screen to make Confidea FLEX G4 easier to use.

Confidea FLEX G4 starts from a durable alloy of zinc and aluminum to create a stable device that does not budge at all when you move around the microphone. It was expertly adjusted to ensure a flawless weight distribution.

By using a flexible, software-based license system, Confidea FLEX G4 wireless easily adapts to the meeting or the venue. From a basic audio discussion to complex, multilingual meetings with video distribution. Activating or deactivating a license is possible with a single tap.

  • Light up buttons depending on the functionality (delegate or chairperson)
  • Change the priority of a unit in a snap
  • Easily add or remove the functionality through a license

Evolving needs? The system evolves with you! you can easily add extra licenses, and the device’s functionality expands accordingly.

Televic FLEX G4 Wireless delegate unit with touchscreen

Smart Battery System

Designed for portability, the Televic Confidea G4 Wireless will not let battery life get in the way of a productive meeting. For this reason, each wireless unit comes with a compact Li-ion battery that offers 12 hours of autonomy on a full 2-hour charge. Enough for a full day of meetings. For even longer up-time, a second battery can be added in a dual compartment, and the device can also run on a standard USB-C charger.

It goes without saying that the remaining battery time can be monitored on each unit through the access point’s software interface. Especially the dual battery system offers meeting organizers interesting options. They can set up alternate charging schemes with one set of batteries running and the other
batch simultaneously charging. This way they can ensure the system’s functionality and at the same time reduce the number of chargers needed to support their pool of batteries.

In the event a battery runs low (a warning signal is shown on the conference unit and in the software monitoring capabilities of the access point), it suffices to take a fully charged battery out of the charger and plug it into the second battery compartment before removing the almost empty battery. This way, the unit stays powered and does not need to reconnect to the access point.

Televic Rechargeable Battery