For over thirty years, Symetrix has believed in innovation. From the first broadcast telephone interfaces to the birth of the voice processor, Symetrix maintained a perfect balance of performance, value and reliability.

Today, Symetrix is a leading provider of signal processing technology for the installed sound, broadcast, and recording markets actively developing products under four brands, each meeting the needs of a specific market segment. Have you ever watched the airport news kiosks in terminals around the world? Then you have probably heard the Innovative Signal Processing of Symetrix. Do you enjoy talk radio programming or tune into your favorite local DJ? You have probably heard AirTools, Broadcast Solutions. If you have ever attended a seminar at a convention center or enjoyed a professional sporting event, you might have heard a premium Network Audio Solution, SymNet. If you have taken in a Pat Metheny concert or listened to The Pet Sounds Sessions box set, then you have witnessed the benefits of Extreme Digital Management Tools by Lucid, top shelf clocks and converters.

 With market-responsive engineering backed by legendary customer support, Symetrix continues to offer significant value to professionals, aspirants, and end-users who count on quality handling of their audio. Sound is all around us, a part of everyday life and Symetrix provides solutions to make the most of it.

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W Series

W Series Wall Controllers dramatically increase the number of control devices that can be added to a Symetrix based system. With an OLED display and dedicated knobs and buttons, the new W Series controllers provide standard IP communication over Ethernet creating a single standardized infrastructure.

Available in three configurations, the controls of the W Series may be used for source selection, volume, mute, and preset recalls for any ComposerTM based Symetrix DSP. The W1 Wall Controller features a push button encoder and display panel while the W2 controller features four momentary buttons along with its display. The W3 combines the hardware features of the W1 and W2 into a single panel.

Symetrix DSP Wall Control Remote IP PoE

T Series

T Series are capacitive-touch, LCD screens designed to be mounted on the wall or in an optional desk stand. These options lend maximum flexibility to the design and placement of control end points. Restaurants, fitness centers, sports venues, hotels, and houses of worship can all benefit from touchscreen control in a wall application, while courtrooms and conference rooms enjoy the convenience of a desktop installation.

On-screen appearance is the bigger part of the story. Hi-res T Series user control interface screens are developed in Composer software, where the designer will find a comprehensive toolset for manipulating images, text, and control objects for convenient workflow. Easily add logos, instructions, and backgrounds, create custom buttons and link multiple pages for increased capability and wider control. Completed screens are exported as SymVue files. Installing the finished screens into the T Series onboard storage is a very simple process. The batch function allows convenient exporting to a group of units.

T Series screens utilise SymVue, the Symetrix technology used for creating customized Graphic User Interfaces. A SymVue screen interacts with a Composer DSP via direct network connection. This communication is nimble enough for live metering of audio signals, live previews of network video content, and real time control of any aspect of the AV system.

Symetrix Touchscreen VOIP Dialler


Works with iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

These devices all have web browsers that can be used to control audio via the embedded web servers running on Prism, Radius, Edge, Solus NX, Jupiter, and Zone Mix 761 DSP hardware. End users can control volume, mute, source selection and other important parameters of their sound systems from the smartphones and tablets they already own.

Flexible and Secure

There are actually four instances of the ARC-WEB – not just one. Each of four users can be assigned a different ARC-WEB with unique privileges and security.

Installation is Simple

Other than adding a low cost wireless access point to your DSP(s), there’s no additional hardware.


The ARC-3 displays up to 32 menus, each with up to 32 items used to control basic audio functions such as volume, preset and source selection, or complex logic-based events like room combining. The white on black OLED display is graphics and multi-lingual capable with 256×64 pixel resolution to enhance readability and usability. A contemporary capacitive touch interface with LED highlighting provides users with instant operational feedback.

Menus are navigated using left and right arrow buttons. The left arrow also functions as cancel and the right as confirmation for menus requiring it. The plus/minus track adjusts parameter settings and scrolls through source or preset lists.

Display and LED brightness are installer configurable. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness while a proximity sensor wakes up the ARC-3 when a user approaches. When idle, the ARC-3 can scroll a message, return to the top of its menu tree, display a logo, or the current date and time. Programmable upper and lower parameter limits contain ranges of adjustment and an optional PIN code prevents tampering.

Universal Mounting

1) Flush mount in a single gang in-wall electrical box (US or EU/UK).
2) Surface mount with mating to a single gang in-wall electrical box (US or EU/UK).


The ARC-2e is a menu-driven remote control for Symetrix DSPs with 24 menus each with up to 16 items used to control multiple basic functions or complex logic-based events including volume, presets, source selection, room combining and more. The 8-character backlit display supports up to thirty-one scrolling characters, providing user feedback for control assignments, default settings, and actions. The three buttons navigate menus, adjust parameters, and enable or disable the wall panel. The ARC-2e mounts in a single gang electrical box (US).

Pressing the menu button moves the user through the menu names. The menu button also acts as a preset trigger when a preset list is scrolled. The up/down arrow buttons adjust parameter settings and scroll through preset lists. Holding the menu button and using the up/ down arrow keys move the user forward or backward through the menus.

The wall panel’s behaviour is programmable. Menu brightness in active and inactive states can be set independently so the display will dim in light-sensitive environments. When idle the ARC-2e can scroll a message and return to the top of its menu tree. Programmable upper and lower parameter limits contain ranges of adjustment and a button press lockout prevents tampering. The ARC-2e is furnished with a white face plate and mounts in a single gang electrical box (US).

Optional Aluminium Faceplate

The ARC-2e Aluminium Faceplate is a single gang aluminium replacement for the stock plastic faceplate.


The ARC-K1e features a push-button rotary encoder providing simple control of one or two parameters (typically volume) in the Symetrix DSP hardware. An 8-segment LED ladder provides instant user feedback, clearly indicating relative levels. Two additional LEDs illuminate to show which of the two controls is active.

ARC-K1e has an idle mode option for dimming in light-sensitive environments. Hardware lockout pins support an installer supplied key switch. Furnished with a white single gang Decora® faceplate the ARC-K1e fits in single gang US wall boxes (sold separately) for in-wall or surface mount applications.



The ARC-SW4e features four switches that are programmable as momentary, latched or radio buttons. ARC-SW4e provides simple control over mutes, source selection and preset triggering. Corresponding tri-colour LEDs provide user feedback. LEDs may be linked to buttons, or, LEDs and buttons may be programmed independently. ARC-SW4e has an idle mode option for dimming in light sensitive environments. Hardware lockout pins support an installer supplied key switch. Furnished with a white single gang Decora® faceplate the ARC-SW4e fits in single gang US wall boxes for in-wall or surface mount applications.


The ARC-EX4e is identical in function to the ARC-SW4e and provides a low cost method to expand the capabilities of either an ARC-SW4e or an ARC-K1e. Up to four ARC-EX4e’s may be combined with an ARC-K1e and up to three ARC- EX4e’s may be combined with an ARC- SW4e. The ARC-EX4e cannot be used standalone nor can it be combined with an ARC-2e. The ARC-EX4e accommodates Decora® faceplates (sold separately).


The RC-3 is a basic wall-panel analogue remote control. Many systems require only a simple and cost-effective single point of control. For these situations, with minimal programming, the RC-3 is connected Symetrix DSP external control inputs to provide volume control or source or preset selection. Because it’s analogue, the RC-3 lacks the sophisticated network intelligence of the ARC wall-panels, yet it is well suited to basic single point of control applications.


The ARC-PSe provides serial control and power distribution over standard CAT5/6 cable for systems with more than 4 ARCs, or, when any number of ARCs are located long distances from a DSP unit. A half-rack form factor conserves rack space, or, if preferred, the ARC-PSe may be surface mounted. The incoming serial control signal coming from the DSP is received by the ARC-PSe on a RJ-45 input connector, and then power and signal are distributed via 8 RJ-45 output connectors. The use of off-the-shelf CAT5/6 cable and RJ-45 connectors reduces installation time and materials costs.

Benefits and Features

  • The ARC-PSe distributes power and data to multiple ARC wall panels via eight RJ-45 connectors over long distances.
  • Connects directly to any Symetrix DSP using standard CAT5/6 cables.
  • Supports flexible ‘star’ configuration, ‘daisy-chain’, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Versatile half-rack design. Mount 1 or 2 units in an optional 1U rack tray or surface mount with optional bracket.
  • ARC Power Calculator spreadsheet helps determine maximum ARC quantities and distances between wall panels.


The xControl provides additional external control inputs and outputs for use with Radius, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSP’s. Especially useful in conferencing and paging applications. Each of the 8 flexible analog control inputs may be configured for 1 potentiometer or 2 switches. The 16 logic outputs may be used to drive LEDs, trigger external relays, or control contact closure ports. Either of the 2 RS-232 ports may be configured to receive commands from third-party control systems, or, issue commands to third-party control systems. Utilising PoE, one or more xControl devices may be mounted where convenient and connected to the control network, each with a single cable. A half-rack form factor conserves rack space, or, if preferred, the xControl may be surface mounted.

Benefits and Features

  • External control expansion device for use with Radius, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSP systems for additional push-to-talk capability and LED activity indication in conferencing and paging applications.
  • 8 analog control inputs may each be configured for 1 potentiometer or 2 switches. 16 logic outputs drive LEDs or trigger external relays.
  • 2 RS-232 ports to interface with peripherals such as projectors, camera controls and lighting.
  • Multiple xControls combine for unlimited flexibility.
  • xControl utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE) for a single cable connection to a PoE switch, or, a direct connection to the DSP (PoE injector included).
  • Simple set-up and management using Composer open architecture software. 
  • Versatile half-rack design. Mount 1 or 2 units in an optional 1U rack tray or surface mount with optional bracket.