Built on over 40 years of studio and broadcast DNA, today Symetrix is a leading provider of audio DSP (digital signal processing) and control systems technology for the installed AV market. Symetrix products are the heart of conference rooms utilising the latest AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) algorithms; in stadiums and airports matrixing hundreds of audio channels; in theatres and music venues optimising and aligning the audio systems.

Lead by innovation, Symetrix were the first DSP manufacturer to integrate Dante networked audio. Their proprietary algorithms for automixing, echo cancellation and ambient noise sensing are best in class, trusted by AV professionals worldwide.

The flexibility offered by Symetrix open architecture DSP products is unrivaled giving system designers, technicians and engineers the tools to process, route and control audio signals in almost any application. Symetrix prides itself on offering the deepest toolkit of control tools to make tailor AV systems and make them easy to use. All DSP hardware features integrated web servers for simple control from smart devices, control software allows rapid development and deployment of rich user control interfaces (GUIs) and intelligent remote controls give end users easy to use access to the important functions of their AV systems. The Lua scripting engine that is included free with Composer DSPs allows Symetrix DSPs to take full control of your AV system.

All symetrix products are backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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Fixed I/O DSP

Jupiter DSPs are powered from a collection of zero learning curve, turn-key audio processing apps. Jupiter is an ideal solution for a wide variety of everyday tasks, from auto-mixing to loudspeaker management. Choose an app, download to hardware, dial in the sound.

The Zone Mix 761 is a dedicated paging, music and zone management DSP solution – perfect for restaurants, hospitality establishments, night clubs, bars – anywhere announcements and music must be managed across multiple zones.

Solus NX is ideally suited for a large range of installed sound applications, delivering DSP-intensive processing, routing and delay in systems requiring sophisticated loudspeaker management, auto-mixing, paging, routing and distribution, mic/line processing, AGC, room combining and more.


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Symetrix Jupiter Audio DSP

Networkable Fixed I/O DSP

Prism is the latest addition to the Symetrix line of Dante™ enabled DSPs. Used as the DSP core of a Dante network – or used standalone – Prism is ideally suited for applications requiring powerful, cost effective advanced signal processing coupled with an industry standard network audio interface.

The same uncompromising analog and digital design found in Symetrix’ top of the line DSPs is used across the Prism family – enabling state of the art processing at price points that were unimaginable only a few short years ago.

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Symetrix Radius NX Audio DSP

Networkable Flexible I/O DSP

Edge is a powerful Dante equipped DSP featuring flexible audio input and output configuration.  4 fully configurable I/O slots support an array of option cards including analoge in and out, AEC, VoIP and analoge telephony, and AES-3 digital – aligning the hardware’s I/O with exact system requirements. For simplified daisy-chaining, Edge features on-board 10/100 and gigabit switches.

Radius 12×8 EX is an extremely versatile universal DSP building block, while Radius AEC is designed specifically for applications requiring high performance acoustic echo cancelling.

Both products sport 64×64 Dante™ network audio expansion ports,12 analoge inputs, 8 analoge outputs, and on-board 10/100 and gigabit switches. A versatile option card slot maximises the number of inputs and/or outputs in a single 1U DSP. Cards include analoge in, analoge out, digital in, digital out, AEC, VoIP, and ATI.

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I/O Expansion

Designed specifically for use with Dante-enabled Radius, Prism, and Edge DSPs, I/O expanders are a low cost way to increase a system’s overall analogue input and output channel capacity.

Programmed using Composer software – there is no need for third party software applications – there are no switches, circuit board jumpers, or mechanical adjustments of any kind. Symetrix makes it simple and easy.

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Symetrix Dante Expansion


There are many ways for end users to control Symetrix DSPs:

  • W Series wall panels - PoE IP controllers with OLED displays and physical knobs and buttons.
  • T Series touchscreens - Completely configurable touchscreen GUI user control interfaces
  • ARC Series wall panels – intuitive and cost-effective.
  • ARC-PSe – an external power supply for installations requiring a large number of ARC wall panels.
  • ARC-WEB – sophisticated (and free) control via smartphone, tablet, and computer browsers.
  • RC-3 Remote Control – a very basic analog wall panel most often used as a volume control.
  • xControl External Control Expander – additional control inputs and outputs for conferencing and paging systems
  • Intelligent Modules - Lua scripting engine for tight integration with and control of 3rd party systems
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