Pan Acoustics

Founded in 2002 by Udo Borgman, Pan Acoustics is successful German manufacturer of innovative sound systems and digital audio solutions.

Pan Acoustics is first and foremost a technology company focussed on overcoming technical challenges in the fields of audio reproduction and acoustics. This has lead to a number of innovations in wireless audio transmission, amplifier technology, surround sound and digital signal processing.

The most famous innovation is no doubt PanBeam, the digital steerable loudspeaker array. This innovative product line ensures the consistency of volume throughout audience areas. This pleasant feature means that even though being situated near the sound source (in this case loudspeaker) a member of the audience will not experience the usual unpleasant effects of increased volume. Additionally members of the audience situated farther from the sound source are not affected by the usual loss of volume over greater distances. Even for the layman this pleasant effect is immediately noticeable.

Another excellent feature that PanBeam has to offer is the ability to direct a constant volume effectively and flexibly to a desired position within the space the audience is situated without having to rearrange, redirect or even relocate the loudspeakers. DSP electronic control technology is applied throughout the PanBeam system and is adjusted comfortably using either computer or network technology.

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3D Steerable Column Line Arrays

The Pan Beam series is designed for challenging and difficult acoustic environments. With the products from the Pan Beam series, the sound pressure level can be kept relatively constant over distance, enabling the speaker output to be targeted with precision towards the require audience, in large areas. This attribute means firstly that there is no unpleasant sound pressure coming from the speaker even very close of it. Secondly, the speaker still provides a great even natural sound quality in large distances.

2D Steerable Column Line Arrays

The Pan Beam is a range of slim line steerable (in the vertical plane) column line arrays with an appealing and sympathetic design. The larger Pan Beam loudspeakers can generate multiple independent beams, to obtain optimal coverage throughout the listening area. It is possible to modify the beam formation dependent on the characteristics required (max SPL, SPL + min side lobes, min side lobes). The Pan Beam speakers are step-up via an incredibly user windows based configuration software, the connection to the computer is made through a RS 485 network via a PanCon USB to RS485 bridge. This allows the installer control over the digital signal processing, the number of lobes - their vertical coverage pattern and aiming, the volume (overall and of individual beams), EQ, presets and delay can all be controlled. The Pan Beam loudspeakers are equipped with specially-designed 3.5“ loudspeakers, each with its own specially designed DSP module and digital amplifier to deliver optimal performance.

With the introduction of Pan Powerline, by deploying patented technology the benefits of steerable column line arrays has been brought to applications and installations where it was previously not possible.

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Passive Column Line Arrays

The aim in developing Pan Speaker was to create a passive series with maximum speech intelligibility and music reproduction in an attractive design. This is how the Pan Speaker came into being.

In addition many applications where Pan Beam steerable products are utilised there are areas of the installation that allow the correct mounting locations and so a steerable product is not required. Pan Speaker allows these areas to be covered with products blessed with the same aesthetic and quality as the Pan Beam steerable products.

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Weather-engineered high-performance loudspeakers for applications that require high-quality music, voice and paging solutions that can withstand the challenges of extreme conditions.

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