Since 1973 Outline have been applying that Italian passion and design flair to the science of designing loudspeaker systems and associated technologies. The roots of the company lie with founder Guido Noselli, who as a young musician was dissatisfied with the audio quality being delivered to his audiences. His ambition for sonic improvement coincided with the emergence of the disco scene of the mid-70s and the subsequent demand for powerful, full-range loudspeaker systems for the Italian ‘super clubs’ of the day. Outline was born.

Over the past 40 years, Outline has pioneered a number of products and technologies that enhance not only their own products but those of their contemporaries too. A good example is the ‘ET System’, a computer-controlled turntable which greatly simplifies the measurement of the polar dispersion characteristics of loudspeakers. Designed originally for in-house use only, this remarkable device (upgraded to the ET 250-3D in 2008) has since been purchased by many of the world’s best-known loudspeaker manufacturers as well as various universities, institutes and multinational companies working within the field of acoustics.

Similarly, Outline engineers developed and refined the Unimetal® concept for compression driver diaphragms. This process, unique to Outline, produces diaphragms which are extremely thin and light yet retain the necessary structural rigidity by incorporating the voice coil and suspension into a single component. They dissipate heat very quickly and are also extraordinarily efficient at converting electrical energy into acoustic output, resulting in a noticeably more natural and dynamic reproduction.

Outline’s headquarters in Brescia, near Milan in northern Italy, houses all the principal activities of the company.  While many companies have moved some or all of their manufacturing offshore, all Outline products are still 100% manufactured in Italy.

Their dedicated R&D team includes professors and graduates in both acoustics and physics. Their deep theoretical expertise is balanced by the decades of hands-on experience of their colleagues, resulting in designs that combine valid acoustical theory with real-world practicality.

After 40 years, Outline remain absolutely committed to researching and designing professional tools that allow creative people to deliver their art to audiences of every size in any location.

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Movie H102

One of the most interesting product in the entire Movie Series is, without doubt, is the exponential mid frequency horn (Movie H 102). Indeed it incorporates a high frequency horn in a single element:

in actual fact, the two horns expand independently until they meet and combine to form a common “acoustic loading”.

This ground-breaking design has resulted in considerable benefits in terms of performance and its practical application was possible thanks to powerful proprietary simulation software developed and written in Outline’s laboratories.

The transducers fitted to Movie H 102 horn – manufactured in anti-resonant composite material with very high structural rigidity – are a 10” woofer and a 3” compression driver.

An extremely sturdy bracket with numerous adjustment possibilities (Staffa MV-1) enables the Movie H 102 horn to be mounted on the Movie B 215 bass unit (fitted as standard with threaded nut screws) and an optional passive crossover enables the main (front) channels to be operated in a bi-amped configuration.

Movie MV2CX

Engineered to save space​,​​ the ​Movie ​MV2CX is a high-performance full-range system well suited for medium/small-sized cinema rooms.

Configured as a ​‘​two-and-a-half​’ ​​​way system both electrically and acoustically, you will be amazed at the magical sound quality that this ​compact enclosure can produce in your ​cinema.

This configuration delivers performance approaching a three-way design whilst ensuring higher efficiency and extended low frequency, yet in a smaller cabinet.

Movie ​MV2CX is equipped with a 15” bass woofer, a 15” mid-low woofer ​plus a 3” ​(​diaphragm​)​ compression driver​. This latter is loaded by a proprietary waveguide, which is coaxial to the ​15″ ​mid-woofer​. Thanks to its internal crossover configuration the Movie ​MV2CX can be fully driven by a single amplifier channel.

Movie B215

To meet the demands for high SPL's, while delivering and a frequency range that complements the H102 - The Outline B215 low frequency unit uses high-performance driver components and a heavily braced, advanced cabinet design that is tuned to deliver powerful, deep bass with minimal distortion while complementing the H102 to give a full range high performance three way screen solution of larger auditoria.

Movie S218

The Outline Movie S218 is a high quality subwoofer system, featuring dual high performance 18” LF drivers, low frequency transducers mounted in a direct radiating, bass-reflex enclosure for smooth response to 25Hz. The Movie S 218 is ideal for low-frequency augmentation for any Outline cinema system.

Movie FX101

The Outline FX101 Cinema Surround offers high 250 Watt (1,000W peak) power handling capability, high sensitivity, and extended base response in a compact and discrete enclosure.  The FX 101 features a high power 10” inch low frequency driver, and a 1” horn loaded compression driver, mounted on baffle with a 20 degree down angle to ensure optimal audience coverage.