Opus Technologies

Opus Technologies designs and manufactures in France the most compact class D induction loop amplifier series, offering the best performance on the market. Its exclusive technology provides hearing-impaired people with improved sound quality in public places such as theatres, conference rooms and reception counters.

10 years of experience in electronic and audio development, allows Opus to combine in-depth knowledge in class D amplification technology with mastering the reality in the world of AV installations. As a member of the IHLMA (Hearing Loop Manufactures Association), Opus maintain a dialogue with their colleagues in the industry, to develop the market and the standards that govern it.

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Hearing Loop Amplifiers

A hearing loop (induction loop) is an assistive listening system for hearing-impaired people, that can broadcast an audio signal through the creation of a magnetic field. The sound from a microphone, piece of sound equipment, television set etc. is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aid of the person, who will be able to hear it without being disturbed by the surrounding noise.

Opus Technologies single and double output induction loop amplifiers offer a wide range of solutions, for all installations demanding optimal listening quality. Opus's Class D loop amplifiers are incredibly efficient and compact and combine quality, reliability and ease of use, as well as clear and precise sound.

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Opus Technologies Hearing Loop Amplifiers

Simulation Software

Thanks the research and our knowledge of the Opus Technologies team in the field of hearing accessibility, they have developed a cloud based computer simulation software. The Smartloop software offers installers and system designers a powerful tool to create models that predict the performance of an induction loop system. The software can aid with the design of the simplest perimiter induction loops op to compley ultra-low spill induction loops. Smartloop guarantees technical studies that comply with the EN60118-4 standard for complex magnetic loop installations.

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Opus Technologies Windows Intercom Systems

Windows Intercom Systems

The Windows Intercom Systems from Opus Technologies provide support for clear communications when speech is impaired by the use of glass, a security screen, or other counter security systems. Integrated Digital Window Intercom, is an internal and external window intercom handset equipped with power input interface, communication interface, and recording output port to realise digital full-duplex intercom.

Opus provide three Intercom System devices, OP-6505, OP-6507 and OP-6502IP, with the OP-6505 and OP-6507 differing in design and the 6507 featuring digital signal processing. The OP-6502IP varies from the other two with it utilising an IP connection and an integrated DSP.

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Opus Technologies Windows Intercom Systems