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MIPRO was established in 1995 by founder K.C. Chang, who had in 1970 designed the first FM wireless microphone in Taiwan and obtained the first patent for a condenser microphone capsule in Taiwan.

The brand name “MIPRO” stands for “MI”crophone “PRO”fessionals. It is headquartered in Chiayi, Taiwan, with 200 employees and sales offices in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Korea and Austria. MIPRO designs and manufactures professional digital and analog wireless microphones, wireless portable PA systems, wireless in-ear monitoring, tour-guide and portable wireless ENG receivers and other wireless audio systems.

In 2001 MIPRO introduced a technology they termed ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting). “ACT” synchronizes the receiver and transmitter frequencies.This was followed in 2006 by MIPRO introducing the first encrypted digital wireless microphone system and later, digital wireless tour guide & language interpretation Systems. MIPRO has always been a solid engineering company focused on innovation and this has lead to numerous award nominations including the ACT-2400 2.4GHz digital wireless system being nominated for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Wireless Technology in the 2017 TEC Awards.

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ACT-8 Series

The MIPRO ACT-8 Series consists of the ACT-828, an EIA standard 1U dual channel receiver with headphone connector added for monitoring. ACT-818 is a 1/2U single channel rack-mountable receiver with metal chassis. An improved full-colour VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) provides clear viewing of all parameters. An expanded 64 MHz bandwidth ensures optimal flexibility, allowing more interference-free, compatible channels to select from. In addition to using 2AA alkaline batteries for ACT-80H & ACT-80T transmitters, the optional ACT-80HC & ACT-80TC rechargeable transmitters offer a rechargeable lithium-ion battery solution.

From July 2017 the ACT 8 Series expands to include a quad channel receiver, and the quad-channel &dual-channel receivers are being made available with an optional Dante networking interface. Dante carries high-resolution digital audio over a standard Ethernet network so as to solve the trouble of the bulky and complicated cable transmission. It’s digital transmission minimises the interference between the cables and the signal strength doesn’t attenuate with the distance. Thanks to the network packet and Time-Division Multiplexing technology, a single ethernet cable can transmit multiple audio channels and replace the bulky analogue cables.


  • A full-colour VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) provides clear viewing of all parameters. All controls are intuitive and easily accessible, allowing for quick and easy system setup via a single rotary control.
  • Enhanced RF circuitry improves anti-interference characteristics and system compatibility with 64 MHz wide bandwidth allows more interference-free channels to be selected.
  • New digital diversity receiving technology eliminates signal dropout and enhances receiving range.
  • Full-Range sound quality won’t be changed by the strength of RF signals or operation distance.
  • Digitally-processed RF circuitry and DigitnamicPlus™ technology eliminates compander noise, assuring a wireless sound quality that easily rivals cable transmission.
  • Improved proprietary Audio A/D Converter provides a true dynamic range of 115 dBA, T.H.D. < 0.03% at 1 kHz with < 2.7 ms latency
  • AES3 Digital Audio Interface facilitates a direct connection to digital mixing consoles and transmits signal without distortion, ensuring a stable S/N ratio which will not deteriorate in long distance transmission.
  • Proprietary 256-bit encryption, provides secure audio transmission, preventing unauthorised listening.
  • 10 built-in SmartEQ™ presets and user-defined microphone capsule equalisation allows faithful sound reproduction to suit artists’ preferences.
  • 10 built-in digital anti-feedback SmartEQ™ presets minimise feedback effectively without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Optional MIPRO RCS2.Net software allows real-time network remote-controlling and monitoring of 64 systems.
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