Furman has been producing high-quality products since 1974. Initially the company was focused on audio electronics for recording studios.

Nowadays Furman have a range of power products for numerous applications including sound reinforcement; home and professional recording; post production; broadcast systems; commercial audio/video installation; and commercial/residential energy monitoring and management.

Furman’s focus on engineering innovative, leading edge AC power technologies has led to revolutionary developments such as the trusted, professional-grade Series Multi-Stage Protection, Linear Filtering Technology, Extreme Voltage Shutdown, True RMS Voltage Regulation, and Power Factor Technology.

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The PS8-RE III has all the protection features of the Furman Classic series of power conditioners, and is capable of powering up equipment in a 3-step delayed sequence, reversed for power-down. The sequence can be initiated with either momentary or maintained switches, locally or remotely. A duplex outlet is provided for each delay step. One or more Furman PS-8R E III's may be installed in remote locations and operated via low-voltage wiring. Six sequenced rear-panel outlets (in 3 groups), two switched rear-panel outlets, and one front-panel switched outlet are provided. Power inlet is IEC 10A male, and total rated load is 10 amps.


Designed for Commercial A/V Installations, the CN-3600 SE combines robust control capabilities via Smart Sequencing™ Technology, advanced AC protection, AC noise filtration, and optional compatibility with the BlueBOLT® Remote Power and Energy Management Platform (BB-RS232 adaptor required, sold separately).

The CN-3600 SE is one of the first products to feature Furman’s Smart Sequencing™ technology, which allows large and complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off with a simple press of a button or turn of a key, even by nontechnical personnel. Smart Sequencing’s bidirectional communications between installed units enables a primary unit to control and sequence multiple secondary units, ensuring multizone electronic systems are powered on and off safely and dependably from a single control point across an entire installation. Units can be connected via current loop at runs of more than 1,000 feet with backwards compatibility with Furman’s legacy sequencers.

In addition, the CN-3600 SE offers robust control options, equipped with RS-232 ports and command sets for integration with control systems. An optional RS-232-to-Ethernet adaptor (sold separately) adds full IP-address-ability to the unit, allowing it to be controlled, programmed, and monitored from a smartphone, tablet, PC, or any Web-enabled device via Telnet, direct HTTP connection, or Furman’s BlueBOLT®-hosted remote power and energy management platform.