Dowina guitars was born in 1979 Stanislav Marinov when established his violin workshop overlooking the ancient Dowina castle just outside of Bratislava, Slovakia. He soon progressed onto conceptually unique guitars based on his know-how, experience and gut intuition. Each guitar created by Dowina has an individual character & design – priorities which are highly prized by the team.

Working in close conjunction with UK dealers and artists, Dowina are proud to bring specially selected tone woods, increased specifications and unique models exclusively to the UK market.

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Antique Series - Solid Top

The antique series guitars are finished by luthiers in the Dowina workshop in Slovakia. The woods for the tops, laminate back & sides are hand selected by Dowina craftspeople for their acoustic and aesthetic properties ensuring beautiful instruments with great sound quality and projection. With a performance level that exceeds what is normally available at this price point, these guitars are perfect for daily playing and practicing.

The model names are Latin relating to British and Slovak history and geography.

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Dowina Puella Guitar

Pantheon Series - All Solid

Pantheon guitars are for those who appreciate a superior guitar sound and construction.  Each instrument is individually crafted with the same design philosophy as master violin work starting with superior tonewood selection – individual gradation of thickness of the top in specific areas to allow more flex near the edges resulting in a deeper, more detailed tone.  Every top has discrete bracing to tonally match its characteristics and is individually fine tuned to basic harmonic tones.

All Pantheon guitars are individually crafted for professional application by one of Dowina's master luthiers and are named after Roman gods & goddesses.

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Dowina Pantheon Guitar

Master Series - All Solid

Master guitars are for those who appreciate a superior guitar sound and master luhtier craft work. They are individually created with the application of the same construction philosophy applied to a master violin. Superior tonewood selection with individual graduation of the thickness of the top in specific areas to allow the top to flex more near the edges, and hence, gain more of a deep, fundamental tone. A discrete bracing design matched to the top’s characteristics which are individually finally tuned to basic harmonic tones in optimal tonal scale range.

Each Dowina Master Series instrument is individually crafted to a customers specification by a master luthier.

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Dowina Master Guitar Cocobolo