Community Professional Loudspeakers

Bruce Howze, a creatively inclined loudspeaker designer working in Pennsylvania with influential bands such as Jefferson Airplane, was keenly aware that 2-way sound systems based on equipment from movie theaters were no longer viable. These had unacceptable limitations in coverage, clarity, and portability, largely due to their massive size, weight, and the lack of midrange output of their loudspeakers, a result of their limited 2-way design.

Determined to solve these problems, Howze came up with an original idea that would revolutionize the technology of live sound. To improve the clarity and coverage of loudspeakers and reduce their weight, he designed and engineered lightweight horns and enclosures from fiberglass, a radically different material for that application. This breakthrough eventually led to the foundation of Community Light & Sound in 1968 and landmark products such as the LMF, a round compression-loaded fiberglass horn driven by a 12″ cone that specifically addressed the lack of midrange output. The focus on the importance of the midrange frequencies and use of fiberglass immediately set Community apart from its competitors and became central to its ongoing legend.

After 40 years, Bruce Howze is still the Chief Engineer at Community and with his team, exciting and innovative products are still being designed and manufactured.

These days Community’s products are aimed squarely at the installed sound market. The product portfolio includes loudspeakers that can form the basis of a sound system in virtually and venue, be that a church, stadium, train station, nightclub or theatre.

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Outdoor Loudspeaker Systems

For many decades Community Professional Loudspeakers have been at the forefront of the outdoor market, by taking an innovative approach to the materials used in the construction of their products, these products has stood the test of time, time and time again. There are two key ranges in this product category that meet the needs of the varying outdoor applications and deliver high-quality music, voice and paging solutions that can withstand the challenges of extreme conditions. The team here at CUK Audio has extensive experience and knowledge of the products in this category having designed and supplied products to integrators for dozens of stadia and outdoor applications across the UK and Ireland.

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Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

Although distributed loudspeaker applications are often deployed with low cost, low performance products the end client is often looking for more. This combined with the increasing demand from architects and designers for loudspeakers not to be visible, but the client still to require great audio quality and high sound pressure levels has lead to Community Professional Loudspeakers developing two ranges of products the D-Series and the C-Series. 

D-Series offers the highest level of quality, performance and output capability, while C-Series has a lower output capability and narrower frequency range for more commercial applications.

Both ranges offer products in the same array of form factors - ceiling speakers, pendant loudspeakers, and surface mount loudspeakers.

Ensuring that no matter what the requirements of the application there is a product that fits.


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Engineered Loudspeaker Systems

The engineered loudspeaker category offers a wide range of products that are acoustically refined / elegant solutions  - Application-driven music performance and voice loudspeaker systems for venues that require highly-articulate sound and elegant installation aesthetics.

E-Series redefines performance for small format column line array loudspeakers by utilising a two-way design, complex frequency shaded LF crossover networks, and the proprietary "ENTASYS" convex-curve HF to provide unrivalled intelligibility, output, and consistent beam width up to 16kHz

V Series comprises of a range of small-to-medium-sized loudspeakers that are a powerful resource for any integrator - with products ranging from a 6" two way through to a 15" three way, and a range of complementary subwoofers, V Series brings quality and performance to nearly any application at a surprisingly affordable price-point.

I SERIES is an innovative family of high-power/high-output modular loudspeakers that allows designers to implement complex solutions in houses of worship, multi-purpose auditoriums, live theaters and other professional and commercial venues. I SERIES includes point-source, high-directivity, compact and floor-monitor models in multiple performance levels, providing modular scalability for any application requirement. A suite of matching-height subwoofers, in sizes ranging from compact single 12-inch models, to ground-shaking dual 18-inch models, complements the full-range I SERIES models with powerful low-frequency extension. Optional weather-resistant versions fill the needs of sports fields, amphitheaters and other venues needing high-performance loudspeakers designed for full outdoor exposure.

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