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If you need a discreet audio system for a retail store, hotel, café or meeting room, we have a music system based around the NOBA8A to suit you.

The NOBA8A is an ultra slim 8” powered subwoofer with a unique cabinet crafted from 4mm thick aircraft grade aluminium. NOBA8A is the heart of a complete audio system as it includes an additional two 150W amplifiers to power up to 8 satellite speakers. The onboard AUDAC WaveDynamics digital signal processor ensures optimal performance for each system combination.

We offer 4 styles of satellite speakers: in-wall, in-ceiling, compact on-wall and column. The NOBA8A itself can be mounted in a number of ways including under seating, on-wall and on-ceiling.

All great NOBA business music solutions can be upgraded to a + version by adding an AMP523MKII module. This extra module will increase the amount of inputs for the audio system and open new control possibilities. Advanced remote control over the system is now possible while using any computer browser or applying the freely available AUDAC Touch™ application for smart devices. While optional wall panels can increase the existing microphone and 4 line inputs to an extra line or microphone input or a control panel can select the desired audio source and volume.

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Sometimes a larger size speaker doesn’t fit the interior design. Normally you would have to choose a smaller speaker solution that does not have the right capacity to fill an entire room.

By choosing the SENSO solution you receive the best of both worlds. SENSO packages include ultra-compact CELO2 ceiling speakers that can smoothly integrate into any interior. Combined with the stealth design and rich sound of the powerful 8” NOBA cabinet, it will assure a sound distribution that is unheard of for its size.

The NOBA8A is integrated with an amplifier that delivers powers for itself and the CELO satellite speakers.

There are 3 SENSO packages which are designed to cover areas of approximately 30m², 60m² and 120m².

Subwoofer Satellite Ceiling Speaker System


The SONA series provides a stunning and elegant design whilst delivering a sound experience that will leave its listeners stunned. Thanks to the combination of the extremely compact ATEO loudspeakers and the powerful NOBA bass cabinet of only 149mm thick, a perfect balance between sound clarity and power can be attained. A perfect acoustical match is accomplished by the WaveDynamics™ technology which also provides a bulletproof protection for your audio system.

Three SONA packages feature the ATEO2 wall mount satellite speaker. Incorporating a 2" aluminium driver that delivers full range sound from a diminutive cabinet, these SONA systems can become almost invisible in your shop, office or restaurant.

The ATEO4 complements the NOBA8A in a further two SONA packages. The larger 2-way speaker with a 4" bass driver provides a more foreground audio experience, ideal for modern fashion stores and bars.

Subwoofer Satellite Speaker System


Having a high speech intelligibility is crucial in an educational environment. But nowadays playback of high quality media has also become a necessity in order to have your students experience the entire essence of your message.

Excellent audibility of speech in acoustically difficult environments can easily be achieved with the KYDO or AXIR column loudspeakers. When combined with the warm low frequencies the NOBA bass cabinet delivers, faithful reproduction of music and speech. A perfect acoustical match between the column speakers and the NOBA8A is accomplished with WaveDynamics™ technology which also provides a bulletproof protection for your audio system.

The slim KYDO and AXIR column speakers are visually unobtrusive and mount neatly beside projection screens, smartboards or touchscreen displays installed in classrooms whilst the NOBA8A at only 149mm deep can be wall or ceiling mounted or even hidden underneath furniture.

Subwoofer Column Speaker System


Are you looking for a real breathtaking sound immersion? The NOBA has a height of only 149 mm and can be installed right underneath a sofa. Together with the MERO build in-wall speakers, this custom setup delivers an unsurpassed sound experience in a lounge, lobby or boutique.

A smooth integration into any interior thanks to the SlimLine™ grill that establishes the elegant look of the MERO in-wall speakers. A perfect acoustical match is accomplished by the WaveDynamics™ technology which also provides a bulletproof protection for your audio system.

Three CERRA packages are available featuring 2, 4 or 8 MERO2 in-wall speakers. The MERO2 features a full-range aluminium driver in an enclosure with optimised porting to deliver music reproduction expected of much larger speakers.

Subwoofer In-Wall Speaker System