Meeting rooms, huddle spaces, conference rooms are all places where people go to share ideas, share knowledge and share results. Albiral use their expertise to source the finest materials in order to produce innovative and aspirational products.

Covering a multitude of markets their screens and digital signage options give a user the optimum interactive and immersive experience.

The expert engineers utilise mechanical technology to its best, their motorised and rotational monitors offer Architects clean lines whilst maintaining the users key needs.

It’s ability to be integrated with today’s other AV tools mean the meeting participant has complete interoperability with Full HD capabilities.

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Aesthetic and sympathetic design combine to give participants a unified platform from which to engage. The versatility of the motorised and manual monitors mean a solution can be tailored to meet the most demanding environments.

Table Top
Wall Mountable

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Digital Signage

The digital signage totems offer a stunning Full HD active matrix LCD screen with HDCP compliance. Several custom options such as WIFI , touch screens, audio all add the individuality that clients require. The totems are ideally suited to Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Clubs and all other areas of active social business.

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Albiral understand that no two clients are the same, nor are their needs. That's why they are able to listen, adapt and provide tailor made solutions to create the most idealistic environments.

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