Zone Mix 761

The Integrator Series Zone Mix 761 is a complete zone mixing, paging, and music management solution designed to save integrators time and money. Built upon proven and reliable technology,the Zone Mix 761 is perfect for restaurants, hospitality establishments, night clubs and more.

The Zone Mix 761 combines a level of quality, polish, and features never before seen at such a competitive price. The beautiful Graphic User Interface provides a familiar hardware-like layout allowing for a low learning curve and quick use. From elegant remote controls to a simple 3rd party control protocol, the Zone Mix 761 is all about integration. It provides a level of audio comfort and security often overlooked with life safety system support for emergency announcement routing or system muting.

The Integrator Series Zone Mix 761 - your complete zone mixing, paging and music management solution from Symetrix.


Data Sheet (1 MB)
Quick Start Guide
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Integrator Series External Control Protocol
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Integrator Series Network Troubleshooting Guide (2.16 MB)

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Paging and music management zone mixer

Four (4) Mic/Line Inputs:
Paging from up to three (3) locations plus emergency page

Eight (8) Audio Media Inputs

Six (6) Zone Outputs

Wizard-driven software set-up

Network ready




Sports Bars

Fitness Clubs

Night Clubs


Retail Locations


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