Information on Ulysses Design Software can be found at http://www.ifbsoft.de

Go to C:\program files\Ulysses\Speaker and create a new folder labeled Community. Then, download the Ulysses.zip file into the new folder and unzip. If current Community data exists, replace the current Community.USB file with the new one. Parameters on data for a given product can be found by viewing the catalogue in the Speaker Builder software, most data is 5° spherical data.

Ulysses Data Files

Community Rev 15 Ulysses.zip


CLF data currently supports CATT and Odeon acoustical prediction platforms.Information on the CLF data format as well as a free viewer can be found at http://clfgroup.org

CLF Data Files 

April 2009  Community I/O Series

April 2009 Community iBox Series 

April 2009 Community R Series 

April 2009 Solutions Series

April 2009 WET II Series

April 2009 Veris Series

January 2011 Entasys

February 2011 Distributed Design Series

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