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Sometimes you know a product is great, and perfect for your customer but you can't quite put those thoughts in to words that can convince them of the fact.

Well, fear not!  By using our series Top 10 sheets, you can have the product features and advantages at your fingertips in an easily digestible format to help you effectively sell to your customers.

Community Distributed Design

A range of ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers for a wide range of sound re-inforcement applications.

Top 10 - Distributed Design (288 KB)

Powersoft M-Series

Powersoft's entry level range of lightweight amplifiers for installation and portable applications.

Top 10 - Powersoft M-Series (286 KB)


The DS8000 range of digital UHF wireless microphones sets new standards in quality and reliability.  Designed for mission critical applications.

Top 10 - SACOM DS8000 (284 KB)

Symetrix Jupiter

Hugely powerful range of DSP processors that can be simply and easily configured using a range of free 'apps'.

Top 10 - Symetrix Jupiter (379 KB)

Symetrix SymNet Solus

Solus are the most powerful SymNet products yet.  Designed for small to medium sized installatons where input and output expansion is not required.

Top 10 - Symetrix SymNet Solus (375 KB)

Televic D-Cerno

A simple discussion microphone system with bags of style.

Top 10 - Televic D-Cerno (380 KB)

Televic Confidea

The only dual band RF wireless conference system.

Top 10 - Televic Confidea (378 KB)

T&M Systems Project MIX818

An analogue venue zone mixer that can be expanded to cater for systems with up to 32 zones.

Top 10 - T&M Systems Project MIX818 (316 KB)

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