T-Cast Webcasting

Cloud Based Webcasting and Archiving for Meetings, Conferences and Events

Broadcast Meetings Live on the internet

Broadcast council, committee and other meetings live and make them online for on-demand viewing virtually immediately?

The T-Cast webcasting platform of Televic Conference is a powerful extension of your conference system. It takes your audio, video and metadata from your conference system and processes it, ready for streaming over the internet.

Thanks to the service in the cloud that comes with the system you don't have to worry about what device the viewers are using to watch your webcast.

The cloud service takes care of optimizing your stream for the device: tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

Within minutes after the end of the broadcast, the meeting is available for on-demand viewing on your portal. Viewers can watch the archived Webcast and search by topic, speaker and party.

Webcasting is the single most effective way to involve your citizens and officials in local politics. And equally important: Webcasting will save you money as well!

After all, it can replace written minutes and verbatim or summary reports.Webcasting is broadcasting over the internet and is based on the ‘One to Many' principle. With a Webcast you can reach your entire target group all at once and from one location.

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting allows you to harness the power of audio, video and PowerPoint slides, so that your target group can follow a presentation or meeting live over the internet. Optionally, viewers can participate interactively in the Webcast.

The Live Webcast is available on demand immediately after the end of the meeting or presentation. This means that your audience can decide for themselves when to watch. Time and location have become irrelevant.

Customised Web Portal

Televic T-Cast Webcasting Portal

The player that your audience will use when viewing a live webcast or on-demand content can be customized to reflect your corporate identity.

Viewers can browse through slides or documents, enlarge the video window or even ask questions during a live interactive webcast.

If required, access to the player can be gated by a login page with or without password.

The T-Cast player adapts to the device that the viewer is using to follow a webcast and is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  It delivers an enriched viewing experience to anyone who is watching a webcast offering a comprehensive overview of
all information available: a video window, an information window with a synchronised PowerPoint
or a list of documents. The video window can be enlarged to watch full screen and the time bar or document list can be used to browse the recording.

Creating Your Webcast

The T-Cast Manager offers all the necessary tools for scheduling and producing webcasts and viewing management information online.

It only takes a few seconds to schedule and produce a webcast. You can choose to enrich this webcast with metadata, i.e. information related to the speaker and the subject. You can also add PowerPoint slides, appendices, documents or links to a Webcast.

The T-Cast Administrator is a web-based tool and runs on any browser.


  • Easy integration with Televic conference systems
  • Cost savings by replacing verbatim reporting of proceedings
  • Low investment and operational cost
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Portal and webcast player customizable to house style
  • Total solution: no extra costs for servers, hosting and streaming
  • Efficient communication with citizens institutions and officials
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Recordings available on-line immediately after the live broadcast
  • Integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Broadcast other events in addition to council and committee

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