Symetrix DSP Processors


For over thirty years, Symetrix has believed in innovation. From the first broadcast telephone interfaces to the birth of the voice processor, Symetrix maintained a perfect balance of performance, value and reliability.

Today, Symetrix is a leading provider of signal processing technology for the installed sound, broadcast, and recording markets actively developing products under four brands, each meeting the needs of a specific market segment. Have you ever watched the airport news kiosks in terminals around the world? Then you have probably heard the Innovative Signal Processing of Symetrix. Do you enjoy talk radio programming or tune into your favorite local DJ? You have probably heard AirTools, Broadcast Solutions. If you have ever attended a seminar at a convention center or enjoyed a professional sporting event, you might have heard a premium Network Audio Solution, SymNet. If you have taken in a Pat Metheny concert or listened to The Pet Sounds Sessions box set, then you have witnessed the benefits of Extreme Digital Management Tools by Lucid, top shelf clocks and converters.


With market-responsive engineering backed by legendary customer support, Symetrix continues to offer significant value to professionals, aspirants, and end-users who count on quality handling of their audio. Sound is all around us, a part of everyday life and Symetrix provides solutions to make the most of it.

Symetrix Full Line Catalogue
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