Ready 4

Battery Powered Bi-amped Speaker with Digital Mixer

Battery Powered PA System

After the great success of the Mobile 110 sport speaker, dBTechnologies has introduced Ready 4, a high-performance and versatile speaker that will set a new standard for portable PA systems.

Featuring multiple power supply options (battery/power mains), the new Ready 4 can be used in any situation. The battery ensures several hours of autonomy. An exhausted battery can be quickly replaced with a charged battery through the back removable panel. The speaker can be connected to 220 V or
110 V AC power, thanks to an SMPS with auto-range, or a 15 V power supply via an optional external adapter.

Based on the Black Line series box, the new Ready 4 features a stylish contemporary design that will suit any situation.

An optional Bluetooth® board, together with an integrated UHF 16ch diversity receiver, an MP3 USB reader and a stereo RCA input, enhances the excellent potential of the new Ready 4, placing it right at the top of its category. A smart OLED day-viewable screen can control all previous functions with an incredible ease of use.

A very wide choice of accessories are available for the Ready 4, ranging from an optional Bluetooth® stereo receiver module to lavalier, headset or handheld transmitter.


Spec Sheet (720 KB)

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