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Powersoft was founded in Florence, Italy in 1995 when three friends combined love for music, passion for technology and curiosity for experimentation. Claudio Lastrucci, his brother Luca, and their mutual friend Antonio Peruch began by modifying amplifiers and occasionally building them from scratch.

They succeeded where others had failed in developing a Class D amplifier that was perfectly operational and stable for high levels of power.

Since then Powersoft has continued to pioneer and adapt breakaway technologies, notably switch mode amplification (for "greener" power output), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Power Factor Correction (PFC) in a way that has enabled them to achieve a combination of efficiency and power.

Believing strongly in active speakers the company was first to develop amplifier modules that could be integrated into the speakers and with the IPAL it patented Differential Pressure Control (DPC) allowing close integration between amplifier and speaker, while M-Force resulted in a revolutionary approach to creating a transducer for subwoofers.

But what do people expect from Powersoft today? Already regarded as a trailblazing company after nearly two decades, they continue to raise the benchmark. This is exemplified by advanced networking (such as KAESOP), further efficiency technologies such as Smart Rails Management, which reduces dissipation without compromising efficiency, Back EMF energy recovery and perfecting Active Damping Control to prevent undesirable movement of the speaker cone - all in pursuit of their Green policy.

As a result of Powersoft's endeavours, and acceptance of switch mode amplification as an industry standard, the company has been able to invest substantially in developing new technologies and unveil the next generation of amplifiers.

At Frankfurt Prolight+Sound in 2014, Powersoft launched its newest platform, set to revolutionize again the audio amplification industry - X Series.

X Series, in reality, is much more than a power amp. It is a system tool that integrates enormous amounts of functionality, generally only found in separate outboard units. This includes an innovative system of channel routing, a truly universal mono, bi and three-phase balancing power supply and a revolutionary fully-featured DSP. The larger X8 boasts eight channels in a 2U chassis, while the X4 features four channels in a single rack unit. Both models share the same power density, being capable of delivering up to 5200W @ 2 ohms per channel.

Natively supporting AES3, two redundant DanteTM by Audinate® digital streams and analogue inputs, providing up to four different selectable input sources per channel, Powersoft delivered irrefutable proof that they are now way ahead of the class ... and that everything evolves from the source.






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