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Founded in 2002 by Udo Borgman, Pan Acoustics is successful German manufacturer of innovative sound systems and digital audio solutions.

Pan Acoustics is first and foremost a technology company focussed on overcoming technical challenges in the fields of audio reproduction and acoustics. This has lead to a number of innovations in wireless audio transmission, amplifier technology, surround sound and digital signal processing.

The most famous innovation is no doubt PanBeam, the digital steerable loudspeaker array. This innovative product line ensures the consistency of volume throughout audience areas. This pleasant feature means that even though being situated near the sound source (in this case loudspeaker) a member of the audience will not experience the usual unpleasant effects of increased volume. Additionally members of the audience situated farther from the sound source are not affected by the usual loss of volume over greater distances. Even for the layman this pleasant effect is immediately noticeable.

Another excellent feature that PanBeam has to offer is the ability to direct a constant volume effectively and flexibly to a desired position within the space the audience is situated without having to rearrange, redirect or even relocate the loudspeakers. DSP electronic control technology is applied throughout the PanBeam system and is adjusted comfortably using either computer or network technology.


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