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Community M-Class M12 stage monitor speaker

Community's M-Class stage monitors allow musicians, orators and vocalists to perform with confidence. This unique family of versatile and low profile monitor systems serves a vast range of demanding applications such as houses of worship, scholastic and corporate auditoriums, nightclubs, and numerous other venues that require clarity of speech, musicality and high power output. From the subtlety of the spoken word in a house of worship to energetic musical performances, Community M-Class has you covered.

The premium, high performance M12 earned the Live Sound International Readers' Choice Award for ‘Best Stage Monitor.' Featuring multilayer glass composite construction and equipped with a heavy-duty steel grille, it takes abuse in stride.

The M12 features sturdy multilayer glass composite construction and a unique, asymmetrical 40°-90° x 70° coverage pattern, allowing full-range monitor output close up or at a distance. Mirror right and left versions are available with the HF horn molded into the enclosure to the 'right' and 'left' of the LF driver.

Camera friendly, the M12's powerful and clear sonic output belies its small size and low profile at only 10.5 inches high. Available in a low luster black or white finish, with the option to order mirror-image enclosures, the M12 is the top choice when high sound pressure levels, low distortion, formidable durability, and an unobtrusive stage presence are required. Music concerts, live TV, festivals, houses of worship and corporate presentations will all benefit by selecting this state-of-the-art monitor system.

The MX41E defines versatility. It may be ordered with a 60°x40° or 90°x40° dispersion pattern. Both models employ HF horns that rotate within the enclosure to change pattern orientation. Additionally, the multi-angle enclosure permits placement on the stage at 30 degree, 45 degree, or 90 degree angles to accommodate performers who are sitting, standing, moving or remaining still... giving the monitor engineer the utmost in flexibility.

The bi-amp/passive mode switch accommodates varying amplification requirements, while the premium birch enclosure, steel grille, steel handles, and internal PowerSense™ protection.

Available in 60°x40° or 90°x40° coverage patterns, the MX41E's rotatable HF horns and multi-angle enclosure allowing positioning at 30, 45 or 90 degree angles provide flexibility on stage.

The MX41E is the monitor of choice for active sound rental companies, installation contractors, and professional working musicians. It provides enough power for rock bands and jazz ensembles, while easily handling musical theater, houses of worship, lecture halls, corporate presentations, and many other similar applications. The MX41E is compatible with all Community Front-of-House loudspeakers and is particularly effective in applications that require a high degree of flexibility in positioning.

MX10 and MX8
The ultra low profile M-Class MX8 and MX10 feature stylish looks and excellent performance capabilities. Using Community's proprietary coaxial drivers and DYNA-TECH™ driver protection system, these compact monitors provide professional performance at affordable prices.

Conical waveguides eliminate the transition anomalies that occur in most square and rectangular horns, resulting in exceptionall smooth phase and frequency response curves. Their coaxial design means that all of the sound emanates from the same point source. These innovations reduce feedback, improve intelligibility, and provide uniform coverage exactly where it's needed. The MX8 and MX10 are ideal for performers who are often off-axis from their monitors as they move around the stage. Community's patented Carbon Ring Cone Technology™ featured in the MX8 and MX10 increases the effective cone area while significantly resisting damage.

Optional yoke mounting brackets for flush mounting the MX8 and MX10 monitors tightly against a wall or ceiling are available from Community. Corner mounting is also possible when the yoke is mounted vertically and the loudspeaker horizontally with the bottom and rear of the enclosure against adjacent walls.

The low profile MX8 and MX10 each include a single Ergo-Grip™ rear pocket handle. The input panel is also conveniently located on the bottom rear of the enclosure in order to not obstruct wall and ceiling mounting of the enclosure.

Perform with Confidence!
Stage monitors play a vital role in today's sophisticated world of sound reinforcement. When performers can hear clearly, they are empowered to captivate, motivate, and inspire their audiences. Whether the task is delivering a powerful motivational message through the spoken word or shaking the rafters with rock music, accurate stage monitoring is the foundation of a world-class performance. That's why Community created M-Class - to let you perform with confidence.

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