High-Performance Indoor/Outdoor Column Line-Array System



New ENTASYS 200 redefines performance for small format column line array loudspeakers by utilizing a two-way design, complex frequency shaded LF crossover networks, and the proprietary "ENTASYS" convex-curve HF to provide unrivaled intelligibility, output, and consistent beamwidth up to 16kHz

ENTASYS 200 is a versatile family of attractive, affordable, easy-to-install two-way column line-array loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor use. There are four ENTASYS 200 models ranging from the smaller ENT203 and ENT206, designed for delay fill and confined spaces, to the larger ENT212, and the extended-length ENT220, tall enough to provide solid control of the LF beamwidth without the need for additional columns or external LF extensions. All four models have well-controlled and consistent dispersion characteristics, minimizing the reflections that hinder intelligibility and performance. ENTASYS 200 loudspeakers have the sonic definition, intelligibility, and output needed to directly replace point-and-shoot loudspeakers in many applications.

Usable both indoors and out, each ENTASYS 200 model can fulfill an exceptionally wide range of applications. All models include a 70V / 100V internal low-distortion autoformer for constant-voltage applications and a pan-and-tilt mounting bracket.

Like the original groundbreaking three-way ENTASYS column, the new ENTASYS 200 loudspeakers are attractively designed in an architectural compact shape and can be ordered in black or white finishes.


Entasys 200 - FAQ's

Can ENTASYS 200 be bi-amplified?
No. ENTASYS 200 is not intended to be bi-amplified. The internal crossovers are highly sophisticated, thereby mitigating the need to use two amplifier channels. This keeps the cost of an ENTASYS 200 system to a minimum without sacrificing performance.

Can ENTASYS 200 be used with constant-voltage amplification, and what is required?
Yes. All ENTASYS 200 models are supplied with built-in 70V/100V autoformers as standard equipment - nothing else needs to be added for constant voltage usage. Each model has up to five selectable power levels that are appropriately scaled for their size and power handling.

An autoformer is inherently more efficient and lower in distortion than a common 70V or 100V transformer, while also exhibiting superior LF response characteristics for its size and weight.

Does ENTASYS 200 have a Music/Speech switch?
No. ENTASYS 200 loudspeakers have superior projection and intelligibility for speech, while maintaining a flat frequency response for music. There is no need to artificially boost the midrange in an ENTASYS 200 column to improve speech intelligibility; it is already built in.

Do the ENT212 and ENT220 maintain a constant beamwidth?
The ENT212 and ENT220 borrow techniques from the original ENTASYS ENT-FR three-way full-range column line source to physically array the drivers, maintaining a very consistent beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The use of separate LF and HF drivers allow ENTASYS 200 columns to avoid the horizontal beamwidth narrowing in the upper frequencies that is impossible to control when only a single type of full-range drivers is used. The physical "ENTASYS" or convex curve of the HF driver array maintains a constant vertical beamwidth to the highest audible frequencies, while the use of multi-way, frequency-shaded crossovers for the LF drivers allows the ENT212 and ENT220 to maintain a consistent beamwidth in the LF and midrange frequency bands.

Can I change the vertical beamwidth of an ENTASYS 200 Series loudspeaker?
No. The beamwidth of each ENTASYS 200 loudspeaker is fixed. However, there are multiple models to choose from. The larger loudspeakers have the narrowest beamwidth, while the smaller units have the widest. There is an ENTASYS 200 Series model to suit almost every application.

Is it difficult to set up and aim an ENTASYS 200 loudspeaker?
The included pan-tilt mounting and aiming bracket makes setup simple, quick, and efficient. The vertical tilt can be adjusted in half-degree increments to allow for precise focusing of the vertical beam as needed, avoiding harmful reflections from walls, ceilings, and other reflective surfaces that negatively impact intelligibility and musicality. The included bracket allows for a maximum of 10.8° downward tilt in the ENT212 and 220. The ENT203 and 206 have a maximum down-tilt of 14° using the included bracket. Please refer to the ENTASYS 200 Series manual on our website or contact one of our applications engineers or the sales team at (0141) 440 5333 or sales@cuk-audio.com for more information.


Entasys 200 Accessories


The E200-UMK is a rugged bracket that can be used with ENTASYS 200 Series column loudspeakers. The bracket is designed to flush mount a single enclosure tightly against a wall or ceiling, or to accommodate third-party mounting brackets. The kit is available for use with Community models ENT203, ENT206, ENT212 and ENT220. Typically, use one E200-UMK bracket per loudspeaker. Available in black and white.

The E200-SAK Stand Adapter Kit is specifically designed for the Community ENTASYS 200 Series column loudspeakers to provide a high degree of flexibility and portability for AV professionals. It is engineered for use with models ENT203, ENT206, ENT212 and ENT220.  Available in black and white.


  • Houses of worship.
  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, court rooms.
  • Auditoria, live theaters, museums.
  • Airports, train stations.
  • Stadium concourses.
  • Gymnasiums, athletic facilities.
  • Multipurpose outdoor and indoor venues.


  • Advanced passive crossover technology.
  • Dynamic protection circuitry.
  • Compact Ribbon Emulator high frequency technology for narrow, well-behaved vertical directivity control.
  • All-weather construction for indoor/outdoor usage.
  • Selectable low impedance or 70V/100V operation.
  • Simple installation using the included pan-tilt mounting bracket.
  • Tightly controlled vertical dispersion reduces harmful room reflections.
  • Wide horizontal dispersion means fewer units cover a given area.
  • Clean, clear and powerful sonic output without the cost of bi-amplification.
  • Available in standard black or white finishes, may also be painted to match room décor.


Entasys 203 Spec Sheet (390KB)

Entasys 206 Spec Sheet (377KB)

Entasys 212 Spec Sheet (390KB)

Entasys 220 Spec Sheet (516KB)

Entasys 200 Brochure (724KB)

Entasys 200 Manual (2.09 MB)

What is an autoformer

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