DVA Series - Digital Array Systems

dB Technologies Line Array

Line array technology has revolutionised sound reinforcement, particularly for large venues and events. Arraying several speaker cabinets vertically is a far more effective method of delivering and directing sound. Line arrays' signal levels do not drop off as steeply with increasing distance as is the case with conventional systems. What's more, their dispersion patterns are very wide despite the systems' lean configurations. Until recently this technology saw limited use mainly in large, elaborate, and costly projects and installations. But with arrival of DVA, true line array technology is now available for a wide range of portable and permanent sound reinforcement applications.

Factoring all the many different parameters and users' needs into the design equation, the dB Technologies team of engineers developed a line array system that is easy to configure, exceedingly light, and tremendously versatile. What's more, they managed to take all these vital criteria into account without imposing limits on curving capacity and the number of arrayed components. Called DVA, this system makes the most of line array technology‘s considerable audio benefits.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, materials, and many years' experience developing powered speaker systems, dB Technologies has turned up a line array series that raises the performance bar for handling, versatility, and return on investment.

dB Technologies has a competitive edge; their engineers' deep insights into power electronics, DSP programming, acoustics, mechanics, materials, and manufacturing practices enables them to independently develop innovative solutions in each of these areas. Such comprehensive R&D proficiency puts them in a unique position: being able to transform inspired ideas into premium-quality products that deliver outstanding performance at an unrivalled price-point.

The DVA series stands as a shining example of this all-around ability. Nowhere are the benefits of integrated amps, active crossovers, and processor-driven control more apparent than in DVA three-way line array units.

Product Description Downloads
DVA T12 Long throw 3-way (12" LF, 2 x 6.5" Mid, 3 x 1" HF) line array module with 1,410W of amplification and RDNET Brochure (2.55 MB)
DVA T8 3-way line array module (8" LF, 6.5" Mid, 2 x 1" HF) with 700W of amplification and RDNET Brochure (2.55 MB)
DVA T4 3-way line array module (8" LF, 6.5" Mid, 2 x 1" HF) with 420W of amplification Brochure (2.55 MB)
DRK 20M Motorised flying frame with RDNET
Brochure (2.55 MB)
DVA S30N Twin 18" subwoofer with 3000W amplifier and RDNET
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S1521N 21" subwoofer with 1500W amplifier and RDNET
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S1518N 18" subwoofer with 1500W amplifier and RDNET
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S2585N 18" + 15" cardioid subwoofer with 2500W amplifier and RDNET
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S20 DP 2 x 18" subwoofer with 2000W amplifier
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S10 DP 18" subwoofer with 1000W amplifier
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S09 DP 15" subwoofer with 1000W ampifier
Brochure (1.63 MB)
DVA S08 12" subwoofer with 800W amplifier
Brochure (1.63 MB)

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