Distributed Design
True Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeakers

Community Coaxial Dual Concentric Ceiling Speakers

Community's Distributed Design Series of in-ceiling loudspeakers are designed to deliver exceptionally high quality sound with wide, uniform coverage. The series debuts Community's innovative Drop-StopTM and Twist-AssistTM features, to make the installation process easier, faster and safer. Drop-StopTM and Twist-AssistTM are unique features which really aid installation, providing that elusive ‘third hand' installers frequently desire.

The Drop-StopTM feature provides spring-loaded legs to support the back can on the included rails, so the installer no longer needs to hold the can against the tile while tightening the clamps. Installation Assistant Tabs snap over the C-Ring Support to temporarily hold the back can in place.

Twist-AssistTM performs a similar function for the baffle assembly when the loudspeaker back cans are pre-installed to a conduit system for later termination. A simple twist of the baffle into the back can brings the Twist-AssistTM clips together so the baffle assembly is self-supporting while the installer fastens the screws. Twist-Assist

Ranging from 4.5-inch to 10-inch systems, the series features seven models including five full-range, standard-depth back can designs, a low-profile model for installations where limited depth is available, and a 10-inch subwoofer system for applications where extra bass is needed. Each of the six full-range models is a true coaxial loudspeaker, with a compression driver concentrically located so that high frequencies emerge through the center of the low-frequency driver's magnetic structure and cone via a precisely contoured Tru-PhaseTM HF waveguide.

Distributed Design Series loudspeakers come standard as a complete assembly, including everything needed for standard installations. The face portion only or the back can of each loudspeaker model can also be purchased separately. All systems are sold and shipped in pairs.

Included Accessories:
Loudspeaker grilles, C-Ring support plates, tile support bridge rails, cut-out template and paint masks are included with complete Distributed Design Series systems.

Face-Only Models:
To purchase the face-only separately, order models D4-FO, D5-FO, D6-FO, D8-FO, D10-FO or D10SUB-FO.

Back Can Models:
To purchase the back can separately, order models D45-BC (for D4 or D5 back can), D6-BC (for D6 back can), D8-BC (for D8 back can) or D10-BC (for D10 or D10SUB back can).

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