The D10SUB ceiling mount subwoofer provides powerful, high-impact bass response intended to augment any combination of Distributed Design Series full-range models. By including a complement of D10SUB's into a distributed system, musical results that equal or exceed that of much larger and more costly surface-mount systems can readily be achieved. The D10SUB's clean, clear bass response provides a compelling attraction for shoppers in a retail environment, and a memorable experience for bar, pub and restaurant patrons.

Dependent on program content and the size of the full-range Distributed Design models, the ratio of D10SUB's to fullrange models may vary from as few as 1:6 to as many as 1:1. For example, one D10SUB will provide strong supporting bass response for six D4's or D5's, while four D10 SUB's will better complement six of the more powerful D8's or D10's.

Like all Distributed Design models, the D10SUB installs quickly and easily. Exclusive Drop-Stop™ and Twist-Assis™ Tabs allow single-handed placement to speed the installation process. Drop-Stop's spring-loaded legs support the back can on the included tile rails and snap-on C-ring, so that the installer no longer needs to hold the can against the tile while tightening the clamps. Twist-Assist performs a similar function for the baffle assembly: when the loudspeaker back
cans are pre-installed into a conduit system for termination at a later date, a simple twist of the baffle into the back can brings the Twist-Assist clips together, supporting the baffle assembly while the installer fastens the screws.

The front-face wattage selector switch enables quick adjustment of levels, while the high-power internal autoformer permits full power output with 70V or 100V lines. A variety of installation accessories are available to accommodate different ceiling materials. The D10SUB face-only assembly and D10 back can are also available for separate purchase.


Loudspeaker Type Ceiling Subwoofer
Operating Range 60 Hz / 160 Hz (+/- 5 dB)
Max Input Ratings (8 ohm)
200 W continuous, 500 W program
Wattage Tap Selections 200 / 100 / 50 watts @ 100 V
200 / 100 / 50 / 25 watts @ 70 V
Sensitivity 1W/1m 93 dB
Maximum Output 116 dB SPL / 122 dB SPL (peak 8 ohm)
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Nominal Dispersion

180º conical

Crossover Frequency N/A
Recommended Signal Processing 41 Hz high pass filter
Drivers LF 1 x 10"
Driver Protection Self resetting solid state breaker
Input Connection Removable Phoenix terminal block
Controls Front face tapping selector
Enclosure Zinc plated steel back can, ABS baffle
Finish White grille and baffle
Mounting / Rigging Provisions 4 steel mounting clamps
Grille White powder coated steel
Supplied Accessories C-ring supporting plate
Tile support bridge rails
Paint mask
Cut-out template
Flat screwdriver
Optional Accessories D10-NCB New Construction Bracket
Dimensions Depth: 254 mm (10")
Diameter: 380 mm (15")
Cutout: 359 mm (14.125")
Weight 11.2 kg (24.8 lbs)

Community D10SUB high power ceiling subwoofer


  • Powerful bass enclosure
  • Internall low-pass crossover
  • Spring loaded Drop-Stop™ installation assistant tabs
  • C-ring to simplify installation
  • Tile bridge support rails and snap-on C-ring support
  • Twist-Assist™ loudspeaker face retainer tabs
  • ¾-inch and 1-inch knock-outs on back can
  • External loop-through Euroblock connectors
  • Rear cover with cable clamp and conduit knockout
  • Selectable 8 ohm or 70V/100V operation
  • Back can and face-only packages available
  • Five year warranty


Spec Sheet (393 KB)
Brochure (610 KB)
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