Confidea Wired
Wired table-top conference system

Contemporary, User-Friendly Wired Conference System
Confidea Wired offers the same advanced conferencing features as its wireless twin, but is more cost-effective for those who do not want to compromise on looks and functionality.

Compared to other wired desktop conferencing systems, Confidea Wired offers increased reliability with its built-in loop connection feature.

Installing becomes so much easier with auto-detecting bus connections: when plugging in the cables, there is no need to worry about what is in or out. The unit will adapt ... automatically ... conveniently.

User friendly
Televic Confidea L-DIV Delegate Conference UnitThe OLED information display with auto dimming function instantly shows the selected language channel and headphone volume.

For ease of use, the ISO language code can be added to the channel number, so that the user instantly knows what language he has selected.

Branch or loop cabling
Wired Confidea units are easily connected in a daisy chain branch network topology. However, for redundancy purposes, the branches can also be closed, creating loops; a feature unique to Televic.

In this way, should a cable be broken or disconnected, all units will continue to work.

Basic and extensive voting
Televic Chairman Contribution Unit for Confidea WiredConfidea offers both simple 3-button, as well as extensive 5-button voting functionality.

The voting functions include voting agenda management, voting result display, reporting, etc. Voting results can be displayed on a screen in the room, but in its simplest form can be shown on the unit's OLED display.

Compatibility and convenience
Confidea wired and wireless are twins and work together perfectly. A wired Confidea set-up can easily be extended with wireless units, temporarily or permanently.

Both wired and wireless units will work together as one single system, making set-up and system management very easy.

Also for the user it makes no difference. Being familiar with a wired Confidea, a delegate will instantly feel familiar with a wireless one, as they work in exactly the same way.



Confidea MIC 38 SL GSM proof gooseneck microphone

Televic Confidea uses standard Cat5 interconnect cable

Televic Confidea wiring is simple

Confidea Wired in a multi-langiage meeting with interpretation


Confidea Wired Catalogue (5.1MB)


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