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Bruce Howze, a creatively inclined loudspeaker designer working in Pennsylvania with influential bands such as Jefferson Airplane, was keenly aware that 2-way sound systems based on equipment from movie theaters were no longer viable. These had unacceptable limitations in coverage, clarity, and portability, largely due to their massive size, weight, and the lack of midrange output of their loudspeakers, a result of their limited 2-way design.

Determined to solve these problems, Howze came up with an original idea that would revolutionize the technology of live sound. To improve the clarity and coverage of loudspeakers and reduce their weight, he designed and engineered lightweight horns and enclosures from fiberglass, a radically different material for that application. This breakthrough eventually led to the foundation of Community Light & Sound in 1968 and landmark products such as the LMF, a round compression-loaded fiberglass horn driven by a 12" cone that specifically addressed the lack of midrange output. The focus on the importance of the midrange frequencies and use of fiberglass immediately set Community apart from its competitors and became central to its ongoing legend.

After 40 years, Bruce Howze is still the Chief Engineer at Community and with his team, exciting and innovative products are still being designed and manufactured.

These days Community's products are aimed squarely at the installed sound market. The product portfolio includes loudspeakers that can form the basis of a sound system in virtually and venue, be that a church, stadium, train station, nightclub or theatre.

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