Armonía Pro Audio SuiteTM - the new software for remote control and monitoring of Powersoft amplifiers: on-line or off-line system setup and tuning, real-time1) management and monitoring of all vital functions from a remote PC via a single intuitive graphical user interface.

Both on the road and in permanently installed systems, Armonía puts the power on your screen and into your hands - exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Loaded with features, yet impressively simple to use, Armonía offers system designers and users brand-new and unique functionality to significantly improve sonic system performance and reliability.

Armonia - Features and Benefits

Power & Connections

Compatible - Armonia works with the majority of Powersoft amplifiers.

No DSP Required - Even without the DSP board integrated into the amplifier, all the essential amplifier functions can be controlled and monitors.

All on aboard with DSP - Duecanali DSP and K Series DSP with KAESOP Ethernet boards deliver TOTAL audio system control and monitoring in real-time.

New and Unique - The newly extended feature set improves system performance and safety


Control of Power

Status information - Armonia keeps you informed about all important parameters; such as mains presence and current draw, power on/off, input signal presence and level, internal temperature, faults, clipping, and output signal voltage.

Direct Control - Armonia lets you manage all essential functions such as energy management, mute, input attenuation, gain, analogue/digital input selection, single/multiple channel input feed, MAX mains current draw, MAX output voltage, testing of temperature protection, system clock, signal path, etc.

Quick Start - Armonia is highly intuitive, as easy to use on a laptop or desktop PC asit is on a tablet. All wiring is standard Cat-5 - although our own preferred option is wireless of course.

Sounds Great

Powersoft Amplifiers already sound amazing! - But load in the optional KDSP and we challenge you to compare with your current amp / DSP choice - the difference is stunning.

Output EQ's - Also provide a highly sophisticated group of delays, and limiters.

Input EQ's - Presented in three layers, and offering hundres's (Yes 100's) of filters for individual tuning.

Fine Tuning - Custom FIR filters are available for fine tuning while maintaining the desired phase response.

Ultimate Protection - In addition to peak and clip limiters, a TruePower limiter operates with real world data.

The Power of Control

Personalise - You can customise Armonia's grphical interface so that its the way you like it.

Maintaining the overview - Model your own system on screen, including amp racks and loudspeakers. Then build groups of amps and channels for group mute, attenuation, EQ, or delay.

Transparent or concealed; but always safe - Lock individual parameters or entire presets, and decide which are visible and which are not.

Manageable - Save and re-load entire presets, or parts of a preset, and have them always available as files.


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