8-channel power amplifiers with up to a total of 12,000 W at 4Ω - ideal for multi-zone applications in mid to large-scale installs. All versions in the Series feature aux signal inputs and adequate GPI/O, as well as mono-bridgeable channel pairs. Moreover, they all can be 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-channel configured.

The 2 RU models, namely the Ottocanali 4K4, 8K4 and 12K4, have two universal switch mode power supplies with PFC and patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology that maximizes the efficiency of the system as well as drastically reduces power consumption. Note: new models available from 2nd quarter of 2013.

The Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH version offers sound shaping functionality, crossovers, filters, limiters, and delay. Ethernet connection enables extensive amplifier control, system and load monitoring via PC and Armonía Pro Audio SuiteTM, making the Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH compliant with the requirements for emergency/alarm system as specified in IEC 60849, just like the Duecanali DSP+AESOP models. Interface available for MediaMatrix, Crestron and AMX control and monitoring systems.

Ottocanali is entirely made in Italy, and must undergo the same stringent quality control measures before shipping as every other Powersoft product, including the 48-hour burn-in test procedure. Naturally, Ottocanali is backed with our standard 4-year warranty.
The M Series maintains the high professional class from small to medium applications of installed sound, stage monitors and portable sound.


Models and Specifications

EIAJ Test (1KHz, 1% THD). Power Per Channel - 2 channels


2 Ohm / Ch

4 Ohm / Ch

8 Ohm / Ch

70 / 100V

4-8 Ohm / Ch Pair

Ottocanali 12K4





2,000 - 3,000W

Ottocanali 8K4





1,800 - 2,000W

Ottocanali 4K4





900 - 1,000W

Ottocanali 1204




125 - 130W


** = @ 8 Ohms




    • Legendary Powersoft efficiency: Green Audio Power®: minimal ‘carbon footprint' and operational cost of electricity (Energy Star qualification pending); additional ‘Energy Save' function

    • Driving low impedance and distributed line systems: Mixed lo-Z/hi-Z systems possible, Bridged mode low impedance, Up to 55 different output configurations possible.

    • Unique Powersoft technology for efficient, reliable, great sounding performance: Universal switch mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction), Fixed frequency switch mode amplifier output stages, Patented amplifier output filters with ripple cancellation network.

    • Maximize performances, minimize consumption: Patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology allows to maximize the efficiency of the system and drastically reduce power consumption at any load and usage condition *

    • Outstanding performance and operational safety: Excellent sonic quality by design, including amp clip limiters and patented ripple cancellation network.

    • Practical & versatile: Directly driving either low impedance loads or 70 V/100 V lines, Capable of driving 2Ω loads *, A dipswitch set for each channel allowing selection lo-Z or hi-Z (70 V or 100 V) modes, with or without HPF filters set to either 35 Hz or 70 Hz, A full set of auxiliary inputs for all channels granting redundancy for security purposes.

    • Front panel safety cover hiding output attenuators and ‘Energy Save' switch.

    • Channel specific independent set of alarms triggered by potentially dangerous faults or generally unsafe operation conditions.

    • All signal/control connectors Phoenix industry standard.

    • Front-to-rear airflow cooling with variable-speed fan, temperature controlled.

    • Full protection circuitry: over/under AC voltage, DC, troublesome signals (clipping, VHF, long-term RMS), thermal, short circuit, mute at power on/off.

    • Full four year warranty



Ottocanali 12K4 Spec (892 KB)

Ottocanali 8K4 Spec (895 KB)

Ottocanali 4K4 Spec (889 KB)

Ottocanali 1204 Spec (925 KB)

Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH (1,001KB)

Ottocanali 12k/8k/4k Manual (4 MB)

Ottocanali 1204 Manual (3.7 MB)

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