M Series

The Powersoft M Series is a range of 2-channel and 4-channel amplifiers designed to meet the stringent requirements of professional users in both sound reinforcement and fixed installation applications. The M Series represents a superb value from a premium brand with unparalleled efficiency, good for the environment and easy on the power bill. The size and weight is an absolute minimum thanks to the 1 U standard and the reduced depth of the equipment.

Designed by the R&D team at Powersoft, the M Series is exclusively built in Italy with all of its internal components being selected for both their quality and their proven durebility even under extreme conditions.

Each part of the M Series amplifier is pre-tested, and then once assembled the finished amplifier receives a rigarous 48 hour burn-in before finally being tested on a sophisticated test system (also designed and produced by Powersoft) to ensure the ultimate in quality control.

Powersoft's bridgeable switch mode fixed frequency class D patented outputs provide extremely high audio quality, an excellent damping factor and cooler circuits. This makes the output stage much more stable and results in a longer amplifier life.

When M Series is ordered with the DSP+ETH option, DSP modules hidden inside to prevent tampering with system settings and Ethernet connectivity is added. This allows control and configuration via Powersoft's innovative Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ control software.
M Series models can also be used to power constant voltage 70V and 100V lines without the need for external transformers.

Models and Specifications

EIAJ Test (1KHz, 1% THD). Power Per Channel


8 Ohm

4 Ohm

8 Ohm Bridged




2 x 360W

2 x 700W

1 x 1,400W

2 x 600W***


M14D DSP+ETH 2 x 360W 2 x 700W 1 x 1,400W 2 x 600W* -


2 x 600W

2 x 1,000W

1 x 2,000W

2 x 1000W**


M20D DSP+ETH 2 x 600W 2 x 1,000W 1 x 2,000W - -


2 x 900W

2 x 1,500W

1 x 3000W

2 x 1,200W**


M30D DSP+ETH 2 x 900W 2 x 1,500W 1 x 3000W - 1,500W***


4 x 360W

4 x 700W

2 x 1,400W

4 x 600W**


M28Q DSP+ETH 4 x 360W 4 x 700W 2 x 1,400W 4 x 600W* -


4 x 750W

4 x 1,250W

2 x 2,500W

4 x 1000W**


M50Q DSP+ETH 4 x 750W 4 x 1,250 2 x 2,500W -


* = External high-pass filter required
** = DSP preset with high-pass filter and output voltage limiter required
*** = DSP preset with high-pass filter required


  • Advanced switch-mode power supply technology for high performance and compact size
  • Variable speed fan for low noise
  • Low Inrush Limiting reduces AC inrush current, removing the need for expensive power sequencers
  • XLR female style input connectors with link capability
  • Built-in Clip limiters
  • Detented gain controls for fast and accurate gain settings
  • Comprehensive front panel indicators including signal, clip, protect and thermal forecast
  • Fully protected circuitry design including DC, infrasonic, high frequency, thermal overload and short circuit
  • Fixed frequency switchmode output stage for high grade sound accuracy
  • Compact size - all models only 1 RU for reduced rack cost and space
  • Light weight - all models only 7.3 kg (16 pounds) for easier racking and shipping
  • DSP plug in board option


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M14D (778 KB)
M14D DSP+ETH (767 KB)
M20D (795 KB)
M20D DSP+ETH (770 KB)
M30D (805 KB)
M30D DSP+ETH (772 KB)
M28Q (808 KB)
M28Q DSP+ETH (793 KB)
M50Q (813 KB)
M50Q DSP+ETH (959 KB)

Current Draw and Heat Dissipation
M14D (167 KB)
M20D (173 KB)
M30D (146 KB)
M28Q (147 KB)
M50Q (147 KB)

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