Powersoft K20 DSP Amplifier


The Powersoft Duecanali is a range of 2 channel professional amplifiers designed to meet the stringent requirements of fixed installation applications.

Designed by the R&D team at Powersoft, the K Series is exclusively built in Italy with all of its internal components being selected for both their quality and their proven durability even under extreme conditions.

Each part of the Duecanali amplifier is pre-tested, and then once assembled the finished amplifier receives a rigarous 48 hour burn-in before finally being tested on a sophisticated test system (also designed and produced by Powersoft) to ensure the ultimate in quality control.

The Duecanali incorporates Powersoft's legendary patented switch mode power supply with power factor correction (PFC), tolerant of upto 300VAC, providing users with true worldwide AC acceptance, and amazing efficiency.

Powersoft's bridgeable switch mode fixed frequency class D patented outputs provide extremely high audio quality, an excellent damping factor and cooler circuits. This makes the output stage much more stable and results in a longer amplifier life.

LCD display with a lockable user menu provides easy control of all amplifier settings.

An optional DSP board provides full high quality on board processing.

Models and Specifications

EIAJ Test (1KHz, 1% THD). Power Per Channel - 2 channels


8 Ohm

4 Ohm

2 Ohm

8 Ohm Bridged

4 Ohm Bridged

Duecanali 3904






Duecanali 5204







DSP -  optional Add-On board delivers unprecedented levels of performance in real-time audio processing. Thanks to the high-power DSP core and high-end AD and DA converters, the unrivalled power of the K-Series is supported by a top quality integrated audio processor. The K-DSP lets you tailor the K platform with precise crossover, equalisation, limiting output impedance adjustment and protection settings for your choise of loudspeakers. Thus K-DSP offers some unique and advanced features... Peak and RMS limiter action is based on a real detection of the amplifiers output current and voltage values and the real impedance of the load. Impedance Adjustment (+/- 2 Ohms) allows the compensation of cable loss, restoring the best damping performance no matter where the loudspeakers are and let sound engineers tune the bass from the modern "over damped" to a classic "slow-smooth" behaviour.

Ethernet Capability - Today the ever increasing requirement for networking is met with optional boards capable of matching the most demanding standrds. Ethernet boards are available, allowing remote control of features using off the shelf networking technologies, offering reliable easy to implement and inexpensive network operation.




  • Advanced switch-mode worldwide operating power supply technology for high performance and compact size
  • Power Factor Correction PFC for extremely low mains consumption and extremely wide mains operating range
  • Variable speed fan for low noise
  • Low Inrush Limiting reduces AC inrush current, removing the need for expensive power sequencers
  • XLR female / 6.3mm Jack Neutrik style input connectors with link capability
  • Built-in defeatable Clip limiters for each channel
  • LCD matrix interactive display
  • Digital gain-attenuator control
  • User selectable maximum output power for each channel
  • User selectable maximum mains current draw
  • Comprehensive-user friendly front panel display menu
  • Fully protected circuitry design including DC, infrasonic, high frequency, thermal overload and short circuit
  • Temperature forecast with LCD traced historical behaviour
  • Downloadable log file of functional fault events with time related trace
  • Load impedance measurement / display for each channel
  • Output power measurements / display for each channel
  • Mains voltage and current measurements / display
  • Defeatable gate selection for each channel
  • Gain/sensitivity user selection capability
  • Hardware monitor available for fast local diagnostic
  • Fixed frequency switchmode output stage for high grade sound accuracy
  • Compact size - all models only 1 RU for reduced rack cost and space
  • Light weight - all models only 12 kg (26 pounds) for easier racking and shipping
  • Built in Remote Control ( RS 485 interface ) for full diagnostic, operational setting and system monitoring
  • Smart Card settings , parameters and upgrades functionality
  • Lockable set-up by user selectable access key code
  • DSP option
  • Ethernet option capability


Current Draw and Heat Dissipation Information

Duecanali 3904 Current & Heat

Duecanali 5204 Current & Heat

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