Manufacturer Defined DSP Settings

Community Professional Loudspeakers

These files contain the factory defined, DSP settings that are currently available for Community products. These settings will give you a starter for 10 to get the most out of your Community products. However, remember that the biggest thing to affect the performance of a loudspeaker is the space / room you install it in. Thus you will need to allow DSP power in your system configuration for room EQ and "personal taste" adjustments.

Cloud Series

DDS Series

DnD Series


iBox Series Biamp

iBox Series Passive

M Class

MVP Series

R Series

Solutions Series Biamp

Solutions Series Passive

S-Series Biamp with Subs

S-Series Bi-Amp

S-Series Passive

Veris Series

VLF Series

WET Series Biamp

WET Series Passive



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